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Why should I look at your face?

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No matter how hard you try

Someone never sees what you give

No matter how you pay

Someone doesn't appreciate it

No matter how sincere you are

Someone always doubts you

No matter how simple you are

Someone says you are complicated

,说你是小人得志 You are full of spring breeze and say you are a villain

,说你经不起历练 You are downcast and say you ca n’t afford to go through it

,说你圆滑又狡猾 You are not surprised , you say you are smooth and cunning

,说你充愣又装傻 You are simple and kind , saying that you are pretending to be dumb

Why should I look at your face

I have neither spent your money

Did not eat your meal again

Ignore those who pick you up

Point at someone

God will world Cao Ang

Life is alive, just a few decades

Laugh whenever you want, cry if you want

Your mood you decide

You are responsible for your life

Strive to live for myself today

Tomorrow will make you look down on you

Fight for yourself today

Make yourself better tomorrow

Things that ancient women can't reveal

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