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I have a cold and cough these two days. Although my throat is uncomfortable and my head hurts when I cough, I feel more able to concentrate. I wake up in the morning and feel comfortable because my eyes are not sour and I do n’t care about bed. , After a long bubble of urine, drink a glass of milk to rehydrate, look at the watch, at three in the middle of the night, return to the bed and continue to sleep. Noness in the nose did not affect the time to sleep and fall asleep. The discomfort in the upper respiratory tract makes me more present. I do n’t think about things I ca n’t change. I just look forward to doing things I can control before the holiday. Of course, I ’m also looking forward to buying Vatican vacancies. Click here.

In the past two days, I began to read a collection of "The Hard Way" edited by Mr. Peng. I read one or two places before bedtime every day as a meditation before bedtime. As I said in my previous article, does the cultivation of heaven and man really require the Son of Man to suffer so much? According to rationality, as long as one of God ’s “willingness” and one sentence, in fact, peace between heaven and man can be reconciled; although according to theological standards of reconciliation between heaven and man, this reconciliation must be carried out by a man who is both God and man People as mediators, but this cannot completely be our reason for accepting this process of suffering human son, because we maintain a certain degree of acceptance of the process and results of the suffering human son, but we have reservations about the process. Because empathy tells us that this process is indeed difficult to accept under certain circumstances. But taking a few steps back, we are happy to accept the peak of this process.

I prefer to think that the first point of the suffering of the Son of Man is a mark, just like the mark in [Self Communication] between God and human beings, except that this time the mark shows the most vividly-no before, there will be no more in the future ; Second is a mystery (mystery), this mystery is not limited by time and space, although we can only think and act in time and space, but the mystery itself is God, is the suffering of this Son of Man, and A perfect fit with the mystery of our lives; in the end this is an expression of complete love, no other expression of love is more "perfect" than this.


The meditation in the Book of Crosses led me to experience and participate in this mystery and love in this way, but I also wanted to use my meditation to experience and participate. The silence after Jesus' arrest was the first lesson of my meditation. The phrase silence is gold cannot be used to preach the situation at that time. Sometimes the mystery itself will not speak. The mystery will be revealed, but before it is revealed, Both sides of the force need to maintain a relative stillness so as to express and return to an initial balance in this space-time.

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