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Why did your positioning fail?

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The word "positioning" has gradually entered our lives and has become a synonym for important corporate strategies. If you want to enhance your brand, you must position yourself strategically to achieve a high degree of differentiation and category. But many entrepreneurs will be puzzled. Even if you think you understand the positioning, why is your brand still weak and weak, will the positioning fail?

"Wrong", the failure is not the positioning, but the wrong positioning of the brand.

Gu Junhui, the only positioning and landing expert in China who has run two multinational companies and has an international perspective, is the latest Chinese version translator of Trout's "Positioning" series, and was also a senior consultant and service of Trout He has passed nearly a hundred companies, and tailored strategic positioning solutions for him, and guided strategic positioning for well-known companies such as Menba, Jiaduobao, Xiangpiaopiao, Quanjude, Quantum Hi-Tech, and Xinfeng Snack, so that these companies can grow rapidly.

We know that being the number one in the industry is the best positioning. Often people can only remember the first place, and the second place and the third place will always be forgotten. Once the first image of a brand is established, you must position yourself to shake him.

If you still can't be the first, if you are still distressed by the competition in the industry, calm down and learn about positioning and positioning with us, make your positioning more landing, and make your business the first in the industry.

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