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(The scarlet letter supplements or suggests PS: This article may not be applicable to all students preparing for the public examination. Please formulate "strategies and tactics" according to your actual situation. There is still 1 month to hurry up ~)

Today, I sorted out some of my usual review schedules and problem-solving skills and shared them with everyone. I hope everyone remembers me. If there are one or two points that are helpful to you, I will definitely remember when I travel to you To please! I! eat! rice!

I. About time schedule

,这是我第一次参与到上岸大军的队伍中来。 I am still a university "Wang" . This is the first time I have participated in the troops of the ashore army. For some partners who are preparing for exams while working, the time schedule must be a headache. My advice here is to squeeze out all the fragmented time and reasonably arrange a large amount of free time. )(妈妈们请慎用此方法,以免小朋友们学坏);手机上下载一些一小时的直击热点课程以及时事点评课程,这样在等待时,坐车时,甚至蹲坑时( 小齐支持,可以背公式,可以背分数,可以记常识,切记,记忆类的东西需要反复巩固,不要想着一天就背会,常识看一遍怕以后忘了,可以抽空巩固,另外,小心便秘~ )...都可以是你学习的好机会。 When I open my eyes at seven in the morning, I will rely on my bed for about fifteen minutes to complete the day-to-day mock exams ( mini mock exams, although there are not a lot of questions, and they are all real questions selected, but every day All the questions are selected manually by the teachers. Most of the selected questions have a certain generality, and the method may be helpful for you to solve the problem . (Mothers, please use this method with caution to avoid children learning badly); download some on your phone One hour of direct hit hotspot courses and current affairs review courses, so when waiting, when riding in the car, or even squatting ( Xi Qi supports, can recite formulas, can recite scores, can remember common sense, remember, memory things need to be repeatedly consolidated, Don't think about memorizing it in one day. If you look at common sense, you will forget it later. You can take the time to consolidate. In addition, be careful about constipation ~ ) ... can be a good opportunity for you to learn.

) ,可以利用手机app,自己手写效果也不错。 On the arrangement of a large amount of free time, I suggest that you make a detailed time schedule for yourself ( Xiao Qi voiceover: Do not have a plan, no action, no self-control, if you feel that you cannot do high-intensity plan execution That can reduce the amount of daily practice and learning time. Be sure to set yourself an executable task amount to ensure that you can complete it. If you cannot complete all the daily tasks, you will lose the motivation to learn. Note: Qi Lin's WeChat public account cashew public test Qi Lin pushes out a lot of practice materials, and some small partners don't have that much time to complete them all. Xiao Qi suggests: pick out the content you need to practice at this stage, such as reading questions , Calculation, or set of questions, you can complete the exercises you think you need to do, this will be much easier, and there will not be too much pressure. ) , You can use the mobile app, handwriting effect is also good. But do n’t make a schedule that is exhausting and unsure. For example, I ’m going to solve 300 quantity questions today. It ’s just nonsense. You should combine work and rest according to your actual ability, make enough time to rest and exercise, and maintain the best state. )。 And it is very important that you have the ability to control yourself. Since my party queen and travel enthusiast decided to set foot on the public test road, she almost went out to eat and went out to zero . Judgment, data, Lao Qi, Hi together, just after landing ashore ~ ). There is nothing shameful to learn this kind of thing. When friends tell you to go out and play, do n’t think it ’s too embarrassing to refuse. It ’s really impossible for anyone to fight for such things in the future. Do n’t watch other people go out and think that you play It doesn't matter, maybe there's something hidden behind the people's Yun Danfeng Qing, don't always be the person with the pattern Tucson broken.

I suggest that you do not leave all the real questions at the end when you do the questions. After all the basic knowledge points have been followed through the whole class, at this time, a set of real questions can detect your own shortcomings, and then check for omissions based on weaknesses. Here I would like to remind everyone that you must make good use of the weekly mock exams. Even if you cannot take the mock exams on time, you must print them out once. This is an excellent time to test your ability. Do not miss it.

(The weekly mock exams should not be less. Don't feel that you don't want to participate in the real test papers. The paper test questions are purposely selected by the teacher to help you strengthen your knowledge and check for missing gaps. The simulated secret papers help you test yourself periodically. )

Second, the review method of common sense

When I first entered the public test circle, I heard a sentence called "common sense is trying". Indeed, common sense is really xxx, and people may not know how many things are hot after exhausting their lives. Many little friends are doing papers. Common sense will be passed directly, because it really affects the mood, but common sense points are relatively small, and it may be able to grasp a knowledge point in a few seconds. What if it is taken during an exam? In case what? After finishing the paper each time, don't just remember to answer the answer (I should repeat the fried chicken many times), the four options of common sense questions may involve four knowledge points, and clarify the error of each option Click and you will know eighty points of knowledge! This set of rolls is so worthwhile!

Xiaoqi suggested that focus on memorizing the correct knowledge points, and do not make too much impression of the wrong statement, so, do not do common sense questions directly, look at the analysis!

Example: Regarding common sense in life, the following statements are wrong:

A. When eating Songhua egg with vinegar, it is to reduce the astringency of Songhua egg

B. A small amount of red phosphorus is added to the bulb to prevent filament oxidation

C. Soda ash makes the buns loose and porous because carbon dioxide is produced by chemical reactions

D. Thousands of water is not suitable for drinking because the bacteria content will increase greatly. (Error, thousands ofs of water will produce harmful substances such as nitrite and heavy metals in the process of repeated boiling. Long-term drinking will affect people's health.)

In this way, the four knowledge points are at hand, is it a super cost-effective hiahia (the advertisement comes, every Saturday WeChat public account cashew public test Qi Lin also has organized common sense and supporting exercises )

Method of reviewing speech

The ability to find the point of reference and the central sentence is to be practiced over time. It is recommended that you don't rush to achieve success in the early stage of the language learning process. I don't think it is necessary to review a set of words for more than an hour in the early stage. I am succumbing to you under the coercion of my eyes ... but I need to pick up the pen to draw the corresponding points related to filling in the blanks, or find the central sentence of the paragraph. )这是一个十分重要的过程,练到后期每当你看到常伴随着题眼的转折词关联词就会直接忽略其他废话,速度也就自然而然的提上来了。 ( Xi Qi agrees, I used to use my eyes to make speeches, but when I did my writing circles carefully to think about the questions, the speech accuracy rate obviously increased. ) This is a very important process. The transitional word related words that often accompany the inscription will ignore other nonsense directly, and the speed will naturally come up. It's important to emphasize that don't just focus on the answer every time! !! Every word in the logic fill in the blanks as much as possible to check the meaning, in case the next test will not take this option. In the rest of the question types, you must look at the problem first to avoid wasting time due to the wrong focus during the reading of the passage, and you can avoid the "self-poke binocular" situation by looking at the problem first. It still does n’t match. Many people may think this sentence is nonsense, but there are dozens of pages in a set of papers, which will inevitably lead to fatigue after two hours of reading. The blindness of self-poke is almost everyone will commit. cautious! !! !!

Xiao Qi added a paragraph from Teacher Ge to add:

、在逻辑填空中,做题方法就是“找照应”。 1. In the logical filling in the field, the method of doing the question is "find the care". In other words, the words to be filled must form a certain degree of matching with the context. In the process of learning, we must pay attention to the different test points for logical filling in the blanks and the analysis angle when solving the questions. When we do the questions ourselves, we must consciously strengthen them to form a correct sense of language. 作答时不要纠结。 At the same time, you need to be careful not to tangle when answering. You can analyze the wrong questions carefully, find the entry point, and make a detailed summary, but you must not tangle during the problem.

2. In the reading of fragments, ideas are very important. For example, the central comprehension question, you must learn how to locate the central sentence, how to summarize and summarize; at the same time, you must master the corresponding problem-solving skills, such as "the key point after the transition", "the expression of guidance measures", etc .; It is recommended that you spend more time reading the questions and answering based on the materials.

3, in the sentence expression, we must master the problem-making skills. 语句排序题,你要学会如何判断首句,如何根据选项进行捆绑等等。 For example, sentence ordering questions, you have to learn how to judge the first sentence, how to bundle according to options, and so on. All these require you to think and summarize in the problem.

Fourth, the review method of quantity

),而且我在这里想告诉大家,其实我觉得数量真的一点都不难(请不要打我,哎呦)( 老齐同意 ),我就是那种奇葩的做题先做数量的选手,因为我相信我心爱的数字是不会欺骗我的哈哈,建议大家不要学习。 The quantity is a part of many small partners who give up automatically. In fact, everyone calculates an account by themselves. If you want to get more than 80 points in the test, the quantity must not be easily abandoned. ( Xi Qi added: If the target of the test is about 70, There is almost no need to consider the quantity. The target 70-80 needs to do a few quantities appropriately, the target 80+, and the quantity needs high accuracy ), and I want to tell everyone here, in fact, I think the quantity is really not difficult at all (please do n’t Hit me, whoops) ( Lao Qi agrees ), I'm the kind of stranger who first does the number of questions, because I believe my beloved number will not deceive me, ha, I suggest everyone not to learn.

The number of test sites is very fixed, and there are not so many routines, and the math problems in the public test are really faithful, right or right or wrong, without so many word games, a few data can reveal the answer . ),当一道崭新的题出现在你的面前时那些巧法子你真的一个也套不进去。 If you really do n’t have much time to do math, I suggest you familiarize yourself with a few simple test sites, and do n’t pursue too many so-called clever methods, because many clever methods are just on the subject ( agree, if you listen to me There are many sets of questions to explain, then you will find that there are many specific skills for specific questions, Xiao Qi will stun you ~ ), when a brand-new question appears in front of you, you ca n’t really put in one of those clever tricks . I have the following suggestions on the choice of topics (just a suggestion, if you have other areas that are good at you, you must respect your own strengths):

1. Engineering problems, itinerary problems, solution problems: Use hypotheses, assuming that it is really a very important method in the number of public examinations, because anyway, they are multiple choice questions. Right, you can choose how you choose! However, in the daily practice, I suggest that you still use some conventional methods. The reason why these three types of questions are put together is that I think these three types of questions are firmly grasping the relationship between the three quantities, and the core is constantly changing, whether it is efficiency time workload, speed time course It's still the concentration of the solute solution, and their core thinking is relatively fixed. They should put aside the confusing points in the question and look away from the mist to see the essence.

2. Cattle grazing problem: Cattle grazing problem is highly recognized in the exam, and the routine is relatively fixed. Whether it is queuing for water or grazing, it follows the only core formula. The formula does not need to know how to come, but it must know how to use it, what is the meaning of each variable, yNxT, the meaning of each letter must be clear, lest the questions in the exam be slightly deformed, you do not know which amount to put where .

3. Indefinite equations: The identification of indefinite equations is relatively high. Pay attention to the application of several numerical characteristics in solving problems.

For example, the judgment of odd and even multiples. To tell the truth, the indefinite equation turned out to be a hard calculation. The whole class saved me. After Qi Da's speech, I feel that math is more lovely. Hahaha.

)。 4. The problem of economic profit: The problem of economic profit in recent years has become a bit of a thief. For a while, this year, next year, and the year before, the method I usually use is the tabular method ( in fact, many types of questions can consider lists, like Age or whatever ). A big feature of the table is that it is clear at a glance. Each quantity is divided into rows and columns every year. On the one hand, it is not easy to confuse the data, and on the other hand, it can improve the efficiency of the problem.

5. Permutations and combinations and probability issues: I suggest you take the time to listen to the big lectures, hahaha, I won't go into details.( I talked about how scary permutations and combinations are, and I don't need to repeat them. I think that the special lessons on permutations and combinations during the national exam should be the best weapon for everyone to defeat permutations and combinations ~ )

In general, the number is a paper tiger. As long as you pull off the tiger skin, you will find that it is actually a docile kitten, hee hee.

Xiao Qi added: Considering that most of the joint entrance examination provinces are 120 questions and 120 minutes, so you should have enough time to do quantitative relationships in the provincial examinations, and the number of provincial examinations is relatively difficult, so all follow the rhythm Practice the problem group, don't rush to do the problem set, look at the quantitative relationship part in the basics of the pushed group B, learn some simple question type methods and skills, and carefully study the equivalent exercises that have been pushed. Then do special exercises every Saturday. Make sure you learn a few question types first, and then practice your ability to pick and choose among the entire set ~

V. Review Method of Judgment

Judgment is part of my groping, and I will not make mistakes with my children if I try to push the basics half times. In the process of making definitions and judgments, it is recommended that everyone use Teacher Ge Xin's swinging method in the speech detail comprehension question (as if he went the wrong set), and use the 2-1-3-13-13 formula to do the order. That is to look at the problem first, lock the definition, draw the key elements in the definition with a pen, and then pick out the non-corresponding points from the options. Any deviations must be found in time. But I want to repeat it here. I must look at the question first, and know whether people want positive or negative answers, and don't have unnecessary points.( Well, it seems that the judgment is a bit short ~ )

Xiao Qi added: Xiao Qi wants to talk about graphic reasoning: do n’t fight in love, get short-term problems that are relatively easy to see in a short time, don't compete with questions that do n’t have ideas for 1-2 minutes, do n’t waste time in wonder On the topic!

Teacher Hu's suggestion: The part of graphic reasoning suggests consolidating knowledge points, clarifying different test points for different characteristic topics, and forming a stable graphic sensitivity through a certain problem-solving type; the logical part of the argument should cultivate its own thinking habits using the exclusion method In most of the real problems, there is only one option that can really strengthen or weaken, so the idea of exclusion is very important. Good use can effectively improve the accuracy rate. In addition to diligently practicing and using qualitative changes to achieve qualitative changes in the analog section, you also need to find your own mistakes in analog questions, summarize them, and check for gaps;

Method of reviewing materials

)。 Data analysis was the hardest part of these parts in my eyes. I made five or more mistakes in the first period of the problem solving group. Later, I found that the core problem is that the formula is too poor ( blame me, the whole process) At the beginning of the class, he said don't be fooled, the formula for data analysis must be recorded to the extent that it forms conditioned reflections ). ),前期对着公式做,也不加入什么技巧,每道题都在旁边列出公式后再计算,不管这个公式在这套资料里出现了多少遍都完整的遵循这一步骤,写公式列算式,到刷四五套的时候你就会奇迹般地发现,你竟然都记住了! So I summarized all the commonly used formulas on a hard shell paper ( you can look at the toilet ). I did the formula in the early stage without adding any tricks. Each question is listed next to the formula and then calculated, regardless of this. The formula appears in this set of materials many times. Follow this step completely. Write the formula list. When you brush four or five sets, you will magically find that you remember it! As the formulas of the materials are said to be the same in the past, a formula may appear three or more times in a set of questions, so this kind of repeated and brought into the actual scene is very helpful for calculation.

)课上教的方法基本上够算所有的题了,在接触腰果以前我也曾经买过一些公考材料,光速算技巧就讲了八九十来种,做题的时候几乎没什么能用上的,用不好还会混淆,有这些学习技巧的方法还不如踏踏实实做几道速算题。 It is also very important that you do n’t pursue too many skills. The method taught in the class ( yes, it ’s me, haha ) is basically enough to count all the questions. I also bought some public exams before I came into contact with cashews. Materials, light speed calculation skills are covered in eighty or ninety, there is almost nothing to use when doing the problem, it will be confusing if not used well, the methods with these learning skills might as well do a few speed calculation problems. The last thing to say is to be flexible when you do the problem, especially the inferential questions for each material. Although D will save a lot of time when looking up, if the calculation amount of D option is almost equal to the calculation amount of the first three options And then, do you have to count D first? It is necessary to have a macro-level thinking in the examination room, to grasp the whole is the king.

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Xiao Qi added: There is nothing to say about the analysis of the data. Every day, follow the public account and practice carefully to ensure that you will do the right 18-20 questions in the exam 25-30 minutes. (Take 20 questions in 4 articles as an example.)

Where is unskilled: ① If you do n’t understand the question, follow the exercises with Xiaoqi; ② Use the formula unfamiliarly, and recite the formula together; ③ The calculation speed is slow, practice the oral calculation and pen calculation first; Reflection

The patient's article is finally coming to an end. After saying so much, in fact, I didn't find any talents for me. Basically, it is an old-fashioned phrase to return to the basics and do not pursue fancy skills, but it is not easy to stick to it. . I hope everyone can adjust their mentality, protect their bodies, and go ashore together! 一起上岸吧! ) ( Xiao Qi said: Follow Xiao Qi 201717328 to go ashore! )

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