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lavender essential oil

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精油 Lavender essential oil  


lavender essential oil



Plant family




Extraction method



Balance skin oil secretion, sooth sensitive skin, reduce pores, and replenish skin moisture


external use. Use of aroma, beauty and body care


Do not use in pregnant women, do not use in patients with asthma

    为唇形花科植物,全球约有 28 种以上,分布于大西洋群岛及地中海地区至索马里、巴基斯坦及印度,在我国栽培的熏衣草有两种,一种为 Lavandula angustifolia 及另外一种为 Lavandula latifolia ,这两种植物自古并未收载于本草书籍中,故中国人对此植物陌生,熏衣草来自拉丁文 Lavare ,意谓〝洗净〞的意思,熏衣草是罗马人沐浴时最喜欢的香料,英国人使用熏衣草的经验是由罗马人介绍而取得,熏衣草进入英国后深得妇女的喜欢,熏衣草精油广用于各项香水制品中,而且是许多妇幼卫生用品中的主要成份。 Lavender is a lip-shaped flower family. There are more than 28 species in the world. They are distributed in the Atlantic Islands and the Mediterranean region to Somalia, Pakistan and India. There are two types of lavender cultivated in China. One is Lavandula angustifolia and the other is Lavandula latifolia , these two kinds of plants have not been included in the herbal books since ancient times, so the Chinese are unfamiliar with this plant. Lavender comes from the Latin Lavare , which means "washing". Lavender is the Romans bathing Favorite spice. The British experience in using lavender was introduced by the Romans. Lavender has been well received by women since it entered the UK. Lavender oil is widely used in various perfume products, and it is used by many women and children. The main ingredient in hygiene products.

      (Tasmania) 也生产品质较高的熏衣草精油,英国产的熏衣草精油相当有名,但产量很少,仅诺福克 (Norkfolk) 一地较为有名,熏衣草精油为澄清、略带苦味,气味清新的液体,熏衣草精油作用温和,可与大多数精油混合使用 . Lavender is grown in many European countries, but the main place of production is France. In addition, high-quality lavender essential oils are also produced in Tasmania. The lavender essential oils produced in the UK are quite famous, but the yield is very high. Less, only Norkfolk is more famous. Lavender essential oil is a clear, slightly bitter, fresh smelling liquid. Lavender essential oil has a mild action and can be mixed with most essential oils .

       In British folk medicine, people drink dipped in lavender flowers to eliminate abdominal cramps caused by wind chills; drinking distilled water of lavender flowers can make people who lose their voices recover their sounds, restore their trembling heart to normal beating, and smell Abnormal people return to their normal sense of smell. In the UK, lavender has an inseparable relationship in daily life. In wet clothing, people often put lavender flowers in it to dry clothes and make clothes slightly scented. Lavender has a special effect on pain. Lavender has a good effect on the pain, stroke, edema, pain, paralysis and cramps caused by wind and cold.

        Lavender oil has a good antispasmodic effect, which can treat asthma and bronchitis; it can expel gastrointestinal flatulence; it can strengthen the stomach to treat stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, bloating and indigestion, especially these When the situation is caused by emotional problems, lavender essential oil can increase gastric acid secretion and promote bowel movements. The bactericidal effect of lavender essential oil is especially suitable for the treatment of bad breath, and it is an excellent skin bactericide. Lavender essential oil can be used on any type of skin to treat dermatitis, eczema, acne, psoriasis, and for certain skins. Parasites, such as head lice and roundworms, are also effective.

          Lavender essential oil is suitable for oily, dry, sensitive and acne-prone skin. However, in clinical use, lavender is often mixed with other essential oils to achieve the best effect. In the experience of use, lavender has the effect of cell regeneration. Therefore, lavender essential oil has become the best therapeutic agent for burns. In addition, lavender essential oil is also a good deodorant. Current research has confirmed that lavender essential oil is effective for baldness caused by nervousness.

        Lavender essential oil has the functions of bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and wound healing, so it is the best essential oil for inflammatory skin.

Lavender oil is not toxic. Low, for mosquito bites, apply lavender oil directly to the bite.

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  Lavender skincare benefits

薰衣草加配澳洲茶树,具有极强杀菌消炎功效,迅速进入毛囊清除痘痘细菌,消灭表皮青春痘、粉刺、痤疮等,修复受损细胞,促进细胞再生。 Acne: Lavender with Australian tea tree has a strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. It quickly enters the hair follicle to clear acne bacteria, eliminate epidermis, acne, acne, etc., repair damaged cells and promote cell regeneration.

科学黄金比例调配的薰衣草精油,具有极佳的修复功效,消灭痘痘同时快速淡化表皮痘印、痘疤、痘坑,抑制痘痘细菌再次滋生,持久维持无痘无印健康肌肤。 Acne scars: Lavender essential oils formulated with a scientific golden ratio have excellent repairing effects, eliminate acne and quickly dilute the epidermal acne marks, acne scars, acne pits, inhibit the growth of acne bacteria, and maintain acne-free and health skin.

是由毛囊堵塞所引起的在毛囊口所形成的黑色“栓”系物,薰衣草深层调理精油迅速进入毛囊,清除毛囊内堆积物,疏通毛孔清除多余油脂。 Blackhead: It is a black "plug" formed at the mouth of the hair follicle caused by the clogging of the hair follicle. The lavender deep-conditioning essential oil quickly enters the hair follicle, clears the accumulation in the hair follicle, and clears the pores to remove excess oil.

舒缓修护过敏性肤质,缓解因压力、精神紧张和情绪低落引起的皮肤天然抵抗能力减弱,恢复皮肤自我修护机能,强化肌肤对外界的抵抗力。 Susceptibility: Soothes and repairs allergic skin, relieves the weakened natural resistance of the skin caused by stress, nervousness and depression, restores the skin's self-repairing function, and strengthens the skin's resistance to the outside world.

肌肤过干过油,都是由于表层水油不平衡所引起,薰衣草深层调节皮肤PH值,控制表皮肌肤油脂分泌,利用丝柏超强的补水保湿成分,恢复肌肤水油平衡的最佳状态。 Water and oil imbalance: The skin is too dry and oily, which is caused by the surface water and oil imbalance. Lavender deeply adjusts the skin PH value, controls the epidermal skin oil secretion, and uses Cypress's super moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients to restore the skin water and oil balance. The best.

深层清理毛孔中的污垢阻塞,紧致表皮肌肤,收敛毛孔,抑制表皮油脂过量分泌,防止再次形成毛孔粗大,促进细胞再生,改善暗沉干燥老化肌肤。 Enlarged pores: Deeply clean up the dirt blocking in the pores, tighten the epidermal skin, condense the pores, inhibit the excessive secretion of epidermal oil, prevent the formation of enlarged pores again, promote cell regeneration, and improve dull, dry and aging skin.

Acne effect

500ml 的纯净水,然后往里面滴入 6 滴的熏衣草精油,将它们混合均匀后,用棉花蘸取混合液擦洗痘痘部位,能很有效的消炎杀菌。 Method: First prepare 500ml of purified water, and then drop 6 drops of lavender essential oil into it. After mixing them well, use cotton to dip the mixture to scrub the acne area, which can effectively anti-inflammatory and sterilize.

  Beauty effect

     Promote cell regeneration, purify skin, improve pore blockage, balance oil secretion, whiten, improve scars, sunburn, redness, and moisturize hair. (Can be used for all skin types)

Emotional curative effect

     Soothes depression, fights depression, treats insomnia, eliminates fatigue and relieves stress.

  [Precautions]: Do not use in pregnant women and asthma patients.

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