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In memory of martyrs' legacy

Public number: Kuche TV Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:38:02

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During the Qingming Festival, people from all ethnic groups in our county, party members, cadres, and elementary and middle school students went to the Memorial to the Martyrs of Linji Road, remembering the martyrs, inspiring everyone to inherit the martyrs' legacy, carrying forward the fine traditions of revolution, and consolidating the realization of social security, strong economy, rich people, and beautiful environment The strong synergy of the "five goals" at the grassroots level.

County Party committee officials and some elementary and middle school students came to the Memorial Hall of Martyrs in Linji Road. In front of the martyrs monument, they stood in line to relive their party vows, silence, and express their nostalgia for the martyrs.

Through the historical relics printed with traces of years and precious historical photos, everyone seemed to see the scenes of the fierce struggle of revolutionary martyrs such as Lin Jilu, Mao Zemin, Chen Tanqiu for the people's liberation and succession. A deep patriotism education class. 玛衣努尔·艾海提: 林基路作为一个党员全心全意为人民服务的这种精神,打动了我,在今后的工作中,我作为一个党员,也作为一个少数民族干部,发挥好自己的优势,广泛宣传党的好政策,引领群众知党恩、感党恩、听党话,永远跟党走。 Kuchen County Party Committee propaganda cadre Ma Yinuor Ai Haiti: The spirit of Lin Jilu as a party member serving the people wholeheartedly moved me. In my future work, I am a party member and a minority Cadres should give full play to their advantages, widely publicize the Party's good policies, lead the masses to know the party's grace, feel the party's grace, listen to the party's words, and always follow the party.

County cadre party members came to the Linji Road Martyrs Memorial Hall. In front of the Linji Road statue, everyone sang the national anthem, read the sacrifices, and presented flowers.

赵玉庆:其目的就是要学习他们的革命精神,继承他们的革命意志,踏着他们的脚步,为建设好我们伟大的祖国,为实现中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦努力奋斗,发挥正能量。 Kuqian County retired cadre Zhao Yuqing: Its purpose is to learn their revolutionary spirit, inherit their revolutionary will, and follow their steps, striving for the construction of our great motherland and the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Use positive energy.

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艾和买提·木哈买提:听了林基路的事迹很感动,我要学习林基路的革命精神,发挥好党员的模范作用。 Kuhe County retired cadre Ai Hemati Muhammatti: I was very touched by what happened to Lin Jilu. I want to learn the revolutionary spirit of Lin Jilu and give play to the exemplary role of party members.

On the same day, the county's public security traffic police, the county people's court cadres, and the ninth elementary school teachers and students also came to the Linji Road Martyrs Memorial Hall to listen to the martyrs' deeds and be grateful for a happy life.

娜菲萨·艾尼瓦尔:我听了林基路爷爷的事迹,以后我要以他为榜样,珍惜今天的幸福生活,做对社会有用的人。 Nafisa Einival, a student of the 9th elementary school in Kuche County : I heard Grandpa Linjilu's deeds. I will use him as an example to cherish today's happy life and be a useful person to society.

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