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What is the true practice of joining the WTO

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Nuclear fusion

Some people meditate all day, scratch their heads, rosary, and practice for many years, but their habits and troubles remain the same, their personality and mentality remain unchanged, which is not true.

The real practice is not on the mountain, not in the palace. Live in practice, practice in life.

I. Dedication is the practice

Your work environment is your dojo.

No matter what kind of profession you are engaged in, you must integrate your practice into your work, face the realities of the world, and refine your mind. You must fulfill your responsibilities and obligations, do your utmost to do everything you undertake, take care of yourself, and do everything with your heart.

When you give and donate without asking for anything in return, this is your practice, and you will be extremely happy. Your career, your work, everything will go well. Don't be afraid of encountering obstacles to violations, he can learn your mind, improve your level, and increase your wisdom.

Family is pure land

Your family is pure land, your quiet place. To clean up your pure land, to make it clean and solemn, and to fulfill your responsibilities and obligations, to wipe away the dust is to wipe out your karma, and to remove the trash is to remove your troubles.

Your family is your relatives and your friends. You should care about them, take care of them, respect them, don't hurt them, and hate them.

Each has its own cause and each has its own blessing. What you cling to will hurt you, and who you cling to will make you sad. Everything should be taken lightly and let go of all delusions, but letting go is not giving up Do what you have to do and do well.

Cultivation requires spiritual development

28-4 mist

All sentient beings are just passing by in a hurry. Is there anything to be obsessed with, what to care about, what can be said without saying a word? What about taking a step back? Don't just think about yourself in everything, think about the other side.

Only by removing selfishness and selfishness can you be at ease. You truly have compassion and spirituality, others will naturally respect you and like you.

How you treat others, others will treat you, do n’t always blame others, do n’t always pick other people ’s faults, see others are not pleasing to the eye, do n’t always want to change others, first adjust your own mentality, repair your own heart, everything The situation will change.

When you embrace everything with a broad mind, and tolerate everything, you will not have unthinkable things. Seeing everyone is a good person. Seeing everything is a good thing. Seeing everything is a good state. You can always find yourself. Disadvantages, can constantly remove ego, this is spiritual practice, otherwise what?

Actually, practice is not contradictory to life and work. However, people are caught up in busy affairs, seeking around, forgetting and losing themselves. I don't know that the most important and precious things should be found in their hearts.

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