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[Happy wedding ceremony etiquette] (original) Theme wedding

Public number: Xiantao Huantianxidi wedding ceremony Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:37:47

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Xiong Shou Luo Baochun

【Happy Wedding Ceremony】 2017.2.18 (Original)

[Team] Xiantao celebrates wedding etiquette

[Banquet Location] Xiangrong Hall, 3rd Floor, Xianyuan Hotel

【婚礼主持】邹磊【灯光音响】 神韵 [Planning] Planning Director Tang Juan [Design / Editor] Liu Jing [Wedding Host] Zou Lei [Lighting & Sound] Shen Yun

[Camera Team] Ruige Film

[Tracking Team] Pure Film

[Wedding Butler] Quality Banquet Zhang Pengfei

敏敏琴琴 [Site Supervision] Minmin Qinqin

In the complex world, love is the simplest existence. In love, there is not much right and wrong, and there is no verbal complaint to each other, like nothing to hide. The love in our hearts is often pure and simple, just like our original desire for love and the illusion of that person.

There is no perfect person in this world. Each of us will have more or less shortcomings, and we will somehow have a little temper, so we want to find someone to show her our original green face and to him Show our weakness and coquettishness, then leave a clean place in our hearts, and place our most sincere love.

Wei Dong said that Ya Ning was a lively, cute and domineering girl. Ya Ning said that Wei Dong was a kind, loving and responsible man. He confessed on the Hankou River and skied on the Dragon Boat. The two did not render too much. The romance in love is to enjoy the most original and innocent emotions; Fengyun Jihui, who comes from the clouds, is not far away; she opens her arms and waves her greetings. It was a special encounter, the umbrella met the rain, and I met you.

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