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Please treat others highly

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There was a female teacher. Many years ago, her husband was killed in a car accident, but she raised three doctoral daughter daughters by herself. At the same time, many of the students she teaches have excellent grades, making colleagues and friends feel incredible.

In an interview, she revealed to reporters her secret to teaching and teaching: Don't expect others to have the same insights as you. She then told the reporter such a story:

More than ten years ago, her little daughter was in kindergarten. One day, she saw a painting by her daughter. At that time, she froze. Children are always full of imagination, and their world should be a world full of imagination.

However, in her daughter's picture entitled "Shopping with Mom", there are no high-rise buildings, no traffic, and no assortment of goods. Some are just the legs of countless adults ...

strange! She held her daughter's painting for a long time and finally solved her doubts. It turns out that young children are only a few years old. They can only reach the waist of an adult. Walking on the street, the continuous crowd covers the child. What can the child see besides the legs of the adult?

Female teachers wake up like dreams. Yes, what children see on the street is not high-rise buildings and traffic, but adults' legs, which are determined by their heights; students are puzzled by many questions, which is determined by their age, intelligence and insight The employees of an enterprise see only their own salary and development prospects, not the overall operation and future development of the company, which is determined by their position and environment ...

Not every child can view society with the same perspective as adults; not every student can have the same receptive and cognitive abilities as teachers; not every employee can stand in the company like the president Look at the problem, analyze it, and deal with it ...

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The female teacher said, don't blame others for their ignorance, don't expect others to stand at the same level as you. In fact, a person's height determines his insight. Rather than blame others, it is better to communicate, communicate, and integrate with others with an intimate attitude and a peaceful attitude ... In this way, you can be a good parent, good teacher, and good manager.

Be kind to others and don't expect others to have the same insights as you. Teaching children, teaching, being a human being, and managing a party are actually that simple.

I think there should be a meaning to being kind to others: don't always think you are right.

There is no right or wrong in the world. There are different perspectives and different answers. We should learn to look at the world from the perspective of others. We should be more forgiving, more understanding, and more seeking common ground while reserving differences.

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