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Often go home to see while my mother is still

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Billiard King

Helping to clean up was not treated properly . When you grow up, you gradually dislike her. The rebelliousness of adolescence makes your evil words relative. Have you ever thought that she was the mother you depended so much on since you were a child?

Trying to help you solve your problems, but you are blocked back . Maybe she can't keep up with your pace of life and can't keep up with your thinking, but her heart is very real.

      My mother is old and wants to do my best to help you, but you are so unkind. After a lifetime, I felt so uncomfortable when I stopped. Seeing you work so hard and tired from work every day, so I want to do something for you, but you think she is getting old and not doing well.

你在她记忆中还是当初那个跟在她身边打转的孩子,需要什么都是她帮你,她给你。 Good food for you, but ... in her memory, she was still the child who was walking around with her. She needs to help you with everything she gave you. But you are growing up now ...

I can't say what I miss . Maybe she will call you from time to time, but she doesn't know what to say. My brain is not good enough, I thought about what I said for a long time, but it caused your impatience.

After worrying about her whole life, maybe her mind can't keep up with your current times. You don't know what she cherished most in those days is what you hate most now.

Love Kraft

My mother is very old and knows very well in her heart, so I always think about how you can live a good life. Maybe you think you have grown up and you don't need to worry about her at all. But in your mother's eyes, you have always been a child.

It's too late to regret it now! While my mother is still there, I often go home to see it. It doesn't take much money or food to accompany her more. So as not to wait until things are wrong, it is too late to make up for small things. You have seen society, you use computers, you use mobile phones, you also see so many children without mothers, and you are sometimes moved and sympathized by their stories. So why do n’t you cherish it if you have a mother?

When I had a child, I was treated the same way, and I guess I could show it, how ignorant I was.

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