m071.hg3088 039 com Those things you did n’t know about Ching Ming Festival, poked in to tell you ...

Those things you did n’t know about Ching Ming Festival, poked in to tell you ...

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Qingming is not only the day of remembering the ancestors, but also the solar term for the recovery of all things. It is also called Taqing Festival. Every festival, we are wishing happy holidays, so some people wonder: Can Qingming Festival, as a sacrifice to the ancestors, help each other happy? Sacrifice ancestors tombs, remember the old ones; set foot in the countryside to enjoy the beautiful spring; are the two contradictory?

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As a traditional festival, Qingming Festival coexists with sadness and joy. This seemingly incompatible contradictory body shows that the traditional festivals are continuously integrated into modern life, and the connotation is also continuously extended and changed. In fact, this is also a reminder: enjoy the good spring, a good life, because of the thought of the deceased, not impetuous; in the suspense of grief, because the spring is precious, and not too heavy, and move forward better. At the same time, the fire rescue reminds: during the Qingming season, there are many rains, and the weather is mostly rainy days in recent days. You must pay attention to safety when traveling.

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