hg636com "Sedan 2 Cultural Years" of the South Ring Road you don't know ~

"Sedan 2 Cultural Years" of the South Ring Road you don't know ~

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Maid Development Plan

"Little Swallows come here every spring, and I ask why do swallows come? Swallows say that spring is the most beautiful here!"

In spring, all seasons are full of life, spring blossoms, and everything is coming soon!

In March in spring and spring, the lawn is green.

Moment of Recovery

Walking into the modern factory in Beijing

Looking for the most beautiful Beijing Hyundai under the lens

Spring is blooming, it is a good time to take pictures! Renhe Sedan 2 Cultural Year Photo Contest is coming!

The theme of this photo contest is "The most beautiful spring here"

用镜头记录下北京现代及身边的美丽元素吧。 Take advantage of the spring, enjoy the scenery, take photos together, and use the lens to record the beautiful elements of Beijing Hyundai and its surroundings. 把你心中的“最美现代”Show给大家! Take your camera and mobile phone to take a picture of Beijing Hyundai, and show everyone the "most beautiful modern" in your heart!

Send us the most beautiful photos you've ever taken, and go to see our spring together, go to a feast that belongs to our lens ...

First let's enjoy the beauty under the lens of our friends

Come and join too ~

Duoduo Crazy Landlord

Can be like this photo

It can also be like this

You can also shoot like this

I believe the beauty of the South Ring Road from the lens of my friends

More beautiful

Come and contribute!


Submission time:

From now until April 5th, don't miss it ~

Submission method:

作品+姓名+电话” ,仅用于登记参与者信息) Send your photos directly on the WeChat platform (please reply Works + Name + Phone” after submission, only for registration of participant information)


可辨,内容积极向上。 Be original, clear and legible, and positive in content.

Subject requirements:

Comprehensively collect the natural beauty, plant beauty, and human beauty that reflect the spring, especially the most beautiful modern Beijing photographs under the lens. (In order to ensure the fairness and consistency of the work, Xiaobian does not accept synthetic pictures, downloaded pictures, and cannot add border shading and other decorations

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