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Troubleshooting and troubleshooting of packing seals

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The main advantages of packing sealing are simple structure, low cost, and wide application range. The main disadvantages are short service life and poor sealing performance. The reasons and troubleshooting methods for several packing failures are given below for your reference during the maintenance process.

填料挤进轴(或阀杆)和挡圈或轴(或阀杆)和压盖之间的间隙时,多因为设计的间隙过大或偏心。 (1) When the packing is squeezed into the gap between the shaft (or valve stem) and the retaining ring or shaft (or valve stem) and the gland, it is mostly because the designed gap is too large or eccentric. This can be solved by reducing the gap and checking the coaxiality.

填料外表面被研伤,可能填料压盖外侧泄漏时,是由于填料外径太小。 (2) The outer surface of the packing is ground and injured. When the outer side of the packing gland may leak, it is because the outer diameter of the packing is too small. This can be solved by checking the stuffing box and packing size.

填料圈挤入邻近的圈内,是因为填料圈切得太短。 (3) The packing ring is squeezed into the adjacent ring because the packing ring is cut too short. This can be solved by replacing the correct size packing.

介质沿填料压盖泄漏,是因为填料装配不当或挡圈又破损。 (4) The medium leaks along the packing gland because the packing is improperly assembled or the retaining ring is damaged again. First check the condition of the retaining ring before reinstalling.

靠近压盖一段的填料压得太紧,是由于填料装配不当造成的。 (5) The packing near the gland is pressed too tightly, which is caused by improper packing of the packing. Reinstall carefully.

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填料焦化或变黑,是因为润滑失效。 (6) The coking or blackening of the filler is due to the failure of lubrication. The packing with the appropriate lubricant should be replaced or a packing ring can be replenished.

沿轴(或阀杆)的轴向上有严重磨损或划痕,是因为润滑失效或内部存在杂质。 (7) There is severe wear or scratches along the axis of the shaft (or valve stem) due to the failure of lubrication or the presence of impurities inside. The packing with lubricant should be replaced or a packing ring capable of replenishing the lubricant should be installed, and the stuffing box should be carefully cleaned.

泄露过大,已无法调节。 (8) The leakage is too large to be adjusted. It is because the packing swells or breaks or the packing is cut too short or the assembly is incorrect or the lubricant is washed out or eccentric. The concentricity of the shaft or valve stem can be checked by changing the packing that resists the action of the sealing liquid.


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