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The elf parent-child class begins to recruit students ~

Public number: Waldorf, Xi'an Fangcao Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:37:09

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

The relationship between the female mayor

The sun embraces the earth

Warm the earth



Pass this warmth

The grass drilled out of the dirt

Small tree spits up sprouts

Flowers begin to bloom

Elves wake up

Embrace everything beautiful

With all this wonderful grassy elves starting to come alive, invite more elves to join.

We will be together

Play freely ——Protect children's imagination and creativity, and cultivate affection, attention and willpower. Free to play indoors and outdoors every day, and once a week outdoor hiking, let children intimate contact with nature and grow up healthy in a warm, free and loving environment.

——传达生命与成长的奇迹,奠定未来克服生活中困难的勇气,故事还会通过布偶戏的形式赋予故事生命,用演绎的方式将故事再现,触碰最神秘的寓意。 Story -convey the miracle of life and growth, and lay the courage to overcome the difficulties in life in the future. The story will also give life to the story through the form of puppet show, reproduce the story by deduction, and touch the most mysterious meaning.

——带有呼吸、节奏,融入语言、音乐、舞蹈于集体游戏之中。 Morning circle -with breathing, rhythm, integrated into language, music and dance in group games. The morning circle combines a series of elements such as poetry, singing, rhythm, rhythm games, finger games, etc., combined with the natural changes of the seasons, the penetration and addition of the story, and the repetition of each month gives the child a sense of security and makes it precipitate in The child's heart is slow to realize slowly.

——调和心灵、表现孩子的内在感觉、与心灵的沟通相处。 Wet watercolor and wax painting -reconcile the heart, express the child's inner feelings, and get along with the heart.

——蜂蜡是利用蜂巢的蜡制成的,以谨慎和尊重的态度交给孩子,他们用小手感受美与创造,在故事的串联下形成美丽的童话王国。 Modeling of beeswax -Beeswax is made from the wax of beehive and is handed over to children with caution and respect. They use their small hands to feel the beauty and creation, and form a beautiful fairy tale kingdom under the cascade of stories.

——用天然的材料和大自然的馈赠,让孩子在爱与珍惜中孕育对待工作的认真态度,锻炼手指之间的协调和灵活性,在作品中收获成就,喜悦与自信。 Handicraft -Use natural materials and gifts from nature to allow children to nurture a serious attitude towards work in love and cherish, exercise coordination and flexibility between fingers, and gain achievements, joy and confidence in the work.

   ——用一团面,一根菜,一点素材实现从想象到现实的途径,成为可口的饭菜,珍惜粮食和劳作带来的成果。 Cooking -using a ball of noodles, a dish, a little material to achieve the path from imagination to reality, into a delicious meal, cherish the results brought by food and labor. The ability to build logical thinking penetrates the initial interpersonal relationships.

——用行动来维护相融共生的环境,负责任的担当感就在他照顾周围万物的时候生根发芽。 Cleanliness -using actions to maintain a co-existing environment, a sense of responsible responsibility takes root when he takes care of everything around him.

——用感恩的心,怀抱憧憬,享受大自然的美味食物。 Meal —with gratitude, longing for hope, and enjoying the delicious food of nature. Our mission and responsibility is to cook food with healthy and green ingredients.

The arrangement of our courses:

1. Parent-child class interviews.

2. Determine a good parent-child meeting.

3. Effectively accompany children aged 0-7.

亲子主题活动安排。 4. Parent-child theme activity schedule twice a week .

Purcell lyn

Parent-child class process:

09:00 --- 09:50 Play outdoors

09:50 --- 10:00 Organize into the room

10:00 --- 10:15 Morning Circle

10:15 --- 11:15

Food sharing

2. Main course (cooking, beeswax, handmade, wet watercolor)

3. Free to play (organize)

4. Parental manual

11:15 --- 11:30 Puppet show

11:30 Farewell Circle

Our contact information:


Fang Cao Grass Kindergarten (Little Elf Class)


Tuesday, Thursday

Number of people:

10 groups of families, 3 groups of families start classes


Healthy young children aged 1.5-4 and a parent

1500元 Cost standard: 1500 yuan

contact details:

Teacher Jia 18092698985

Waldorf, Xi'an Fangcao (xafcd2011)

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