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The moonlight tonight is so beautiful-can my heart be known?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Wizarding Era

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The sun has set in the west, and the moon is rising in the east;

The sun is setting, the beauties are attached.

Few stars, clear wind and bright moon;

The moon is shining, the smile is like a flower.

Xingyuejiaohui, reward with the king


The sun is full of smoke, and Yueming is full of sorrow. Zhao Se stopped the Phoenix column at the beginning, and Shu Qin wanted to play the chord. This song is intentionally unintentional, and I would like to send Yan Ran with the spring breeze,

Yi Junyi is separated by blue sky. Yokohama in the past, now into tears. I don't believe I have a broken intestine, so let's look in front of the mirror.

Night murmured,

Keep a full moon, cut a thin shadow,

Cut a few petals of heart, take a piece of paper,

Pulling a few strands of rain, the dream blurs,

Dipping the night into ink, crushing the thoughtful reverie,

To gather the deep thoughts in my heart,

Anything past is gone, broken and dyed for years!

Long road, long distance,

How much love is entwined in the world?

Intently, passionate,

How much text do you love deep into a psalm?

In the depths of redness, thousands of affections, how much nostalgia?

Close to the horizon, it is always difficult to cross;

Big tree

It is hard to cut off the feelings.

Yesterday's candlestick night talk, tonight's end of the world, what is tonight?

For you, pick up the scenery all the way,

Singing for you whispering, water eyes condense,

拈 A petal floating in the hairline,

The heart sounds like water.

Saying a thousand miles of smoke, a sigh and a pain,

If you can, solo the moonlight tonight,

Is it ok to exile the obsession and expectation in my heart,

To the End of the World, the Horn of the Sea,

No longer indifferent to lovesickness and insulated from care?

The East wants to know, the beauty is dead,

The dawn dawned, and the light fragrance remained.

Jing is still there, but people go.

There are trees in the mountains, there are branches in the trees, and the heart says that Jun Xijun does not know.

惆怅 sorry empty sad


The yellow leaves fall without wind, and the autumn clouds do not rain or change overcast.

If the sky is old and the sky is old, you can't help shaking it.

惆怅 The old people are like dreams, they feel nowhere to search.


Light moon cage sand, I do n’t know

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