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The most exciting passage this year

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Blind after reading

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A hundred years of life, but between pitching,

The sun and the moon in Yu Canghe are so small;

Success or failure is just a passing word.

Honor and disgrace are nothing but mirrors and flowers.

Since coming to this world,

It is necessary to release energy and emit light and heat;

Life was sailing against the water,

Why bother with anxiety and resentment.

Don't be proud when you succeed,

Only with a vain guise can one reach a hundred feet;

No need to be discouraged after failure,

Sleeping hard to make a comeback.

Life is not afraid of setbacks and failures.

I'm afraid that I have not bowed to my destiny yet;

Life is not afraid of short-lived or ordinary.

I'm afraid I want too much and leave no regrets.

My savage queen

Everyone goes to the stripe,

If he succeeds in fame, he will completely fall asleep.

Even though he will be the prince and the first glory,

In the end it was nothing but a loam of loess;

Injustice, injustice, grievance,

Listen to it, recognize it, and follow it, let it be;

Listening to fables, babbling, talk,

Don't think, don't want to, don't miss, just laugh away;

Mo Tan is cold and warm, things are cold,

Let's see the ebb and flow, Yun Cun Yun Shu,

Mo Tan, youth is easy to die, face is old,

And listen to the years, if the water, the years are like songs.

Breathe more free air,

Less utilitarian right and wrong;

Leave more time for family and friends,

Less intrigue;

Looking up at the long sky, overlooking the tide of the blue sea,

Sit and watch the ebb and flow, smile proud of life!

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