vip.hg66727.com With the "Ronger" in the new "Sculpture", the popularity has increased, and many plays have become the number one female

With the "Ronger" in the new "Sculpture", the popularity has increased, and many plays have become the number one female

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After the release of "Shooting Heroes 2017", word of mouth and ratings have achieved good results, Douban score also reached 8 points, which plays the role of Li Yitong in the corner of Huang Rong, has also been rated by netizens as "Yong Rong" most in line with Jin Yong .

Li Yitong's luck is better than many. She has never filmed any film and television drama, and soon became the protagonist. Li Yitong graduated from Beijing Dance Academy. In 2015, in the audition, Yu Zheng was starred in, starring in the fantasy web drama "Half-Demon City" and officially joined the performing arts circle. Looks like another girl.

In "Shooting", because of the dancing background, Li Yitong, when shooting martial arts, not only was beautiful, but also a little more skilled.

As Hu Xianer in Chaoge

On March 10, 2016, the filming of "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" was started. In September, filmed in Zheng Zheng's drama "Chaoge" and played Hu Xianer in it. In November, he filmed the modern urban love drama "Meeting You For That Moment", and partnered with Lu Yi as the male and female number one. In December, he continued to play the female No. 1 Nie Qingcheng in the online drama "Semi-Demon City 2".

Overlord's Pet

Shooting modern dramas has a fresh and refined feel. This one is a bit like one of twins. Many people said that she was lucky and didn't make long debut. She has played several female No.1.

In 2017, with the "Biography of Heroes of Shooting and Carving", Li Yitong won the "New Star of the Year" award for the quality of Chinese TV dramas with the "Huang Rong" corner, and the "China's Most Influential TV Drama Newcomer Award" specially curated by "TV Guide" magazine.

On February 15, 2017, the Republic of China emotional drama "Begonia through the rain and rouge" was launched in Hengdian. Li Yitong acted as the female No. 1 Gu Haitang, and was a TV series such as a national hero. In less than two years, Li Yitong, who was not in science class, served as the number one female in many TV series. It can be said that the popularity has increased greatly, and it is undeniable that the acting skills in the new "Shooting" have been recognized by the majority of audiences.

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