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Do you know the skill of chicken soup?

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Crossing the farm to eat meat

First, slaughter live chicken to eat frozen chicken

We are all used to going to the market to buy live chickens, and killing soup on the spot to go home and stew soup. We ca n’t wait for a few seconds in the middle. In fact, this is not right.

After the fresh chicken is bought, it should be frozen in the freezer for 3 to 4 hours before taking out the thawed stew.

This is the same principle as the row of sour meat. Animals are killed suddenly, a variety of toxins are naturally released in the body, and the hot meat bacteria just slaughtered multiply quickly.

Freezing not only sterilizes, but also allows the meat to transition from the "stiff period" to the "corruption period" to the "maturity period". At this time, the meat quality is the best, and the stew soup is obviously tender and tender.

Flying water-required homework

In fact, not only chicken, any meat stewed soup should first fly the main ingredients-just boil in boiling water. This can not only remove the raw fishy smell, but also a thorough cleaning process. It can also make the soup clear and turbid, and the fresh fragrance has no peculiar smell.

Of course, flying water is also learned. If the meat is put in cold water, the meat is cooled from water to boiled. It undergoes a cooking process, and the nutrition loss is serious. It is best to cook in a hot water pot for about 7 ~ 8 minutes. Cover it and turn it in time. It is also possible to boil the water in a pot, 3 to 5 minutes.

You can also place the slaughtered chicken in salt. Dip in pepper and beer for 1 hour, and there will be no such smell when cooking again.

Some frozen chicken bought from the market brought some strange smells from the cold storage, which affected the consumption. Immerse it in ginger juice for 3-5 minutes before cooking.

Third, the lower pot-the water "raw" fiery

The stew soup should be chilled under water to allow the ingredients to fully release nutrients and fragrance from the slowly rising water temperature.

The ingredients in the pot at the same temperature as the water can make a good taste, so it is important to remember that after flying the water, the raw materials should be immediately washed with cold water and then stewed.

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Fourth, the heat-guess big guess small

The stewed chicken soup should be boiled for about 10 minutes before turning to simmering. The degree of opening should be controlled as if it is not open, because the casserole has a good heat preservation function. If it is lowered when it is boiling, its subsequent boiling process will affect the soup. The "freshness" of the product is a loss.

And in these 10 minutes, do n’t cover it, the soup that has run away will lose its original flavor.

Five, the knowledge of salt

This is not a small problem for stews. The timing of salt dominates the taste of the soup in a sense. Whether some people say that they put salt in the pan or half-cooked, it's not right.

When the salt is cooked, it will react with the meat, the protein in the meat is locked, the soup tastes light, and the meat is not stewed. So when should salt be put? Remember, salt and other condiments must be added when the soup is stewed.

After putting salt, turn to high heat for 10 minutes and then cease the fire. Without covering it halfway, not only the taste goes in, but the soup tastes stronger. Be careful not to stir after putting in the salt, it will leave a smell of raw salt.

Detail of stewed chicken soup

Many people simmer the chicken soup at home, the fragrance will overflow, and the smell of chicken soup will be smelled all the way, which is the taboo of soup.

So this stew is not ideal, because the aroma of the chicken is lost. So how to stew a pot of delicious chicken soup with delicious flavor and fragrant teeth and cheeks, there are several details to pay attention to.

The first is the choice of utensils. Most of the time, when making chicken soup at home, the choice of utensils is often overlooked. Many people think that it is enough to just choose a soup pot. In fact, there is a lot of knowledge in it. Ordinary soup pots, either aluminum or enamel, or more sophisticated, will use casseroles. Most of these utensils are wide-mouthed, and the fragrance is easy to float out. There is no strong aroma in the hot pot. It is recommended to use a narrow-mouthed tall pot.

Secondly, many people tend to remove chicken oil when they are cleaning the chicken because they are afraid of being greasy . In fact, chicken oil is great for stew. It is recommended to put chicken oil in the soup when cooking soup, which is said in cooking to "bred soup with oil".

If the above utensils are used and the mouth is sealed with oil, then the stewed soup will not overflow the fragrance, but the chicken aroma will be left in the soup.

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