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Small stationery, big dream

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You can send a pen, a school bag, a stationery box, a book to the service station, or contact us to ask what kind of stationery the children want, and then buy it for the child according to their wishes to help Hanmen students complete their studies Dream, let them feel the warmth of society.

Hearthstone Legends

A drop of nectar, although insignificant, can make the flowers colorful and converge into a river enough to turn the desert into an oasis.

Paying once, even if it is just a little bit, can make the dim life shine brightly again.

It is our common goal to be able to dedicate a small part of our lives to children who have a difficult life and open a door of hope for them. Help a child and achieve a wish. I believe that together we can make every child in Hecheng happy childhood!

Phone: 0452-2791928

Our address: No. 81 Gongyuan Road, Longsha District, Youth Comprehensive Service Station (opposite to the Flower, Bird and Fish Antique Market)

12355 Youth Escort (qchh12355)

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