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Can the barrier fruit stop the world's first chop?

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Bartolomio is a crazy newcomer who appeared in the New World a year ago. Players in Area B of the Bull Arena are arrogant and arrogant. They are "the most popular real-time leaderboards to disappear" NO.1. Barrier fruit ability

Bartolomio's personality seems to be laissez-faire, but unexpectedly he attaches great importance to morale, and he is willing to intervene for his partner, even if the object who once fought (Bellamy) is in crisis, Still do not want to see death.

Barto's strength is very strong, before defeating Lieutenant Commander Maynard of the Naval Headquarters, he was very relaxed, which shows that his strength is much stronger than the general of the headquarters. His barrier hasn't been broken so far. The Mermaid Fighter Haku is not bad. He is also a karate coach of the Revolutionary Army, and he is still vulnerable in front of him. Bellamy also lost under its barrier

Ilizabelo II (King of Proteas), claimed to be able to defeat the four emperors without breaking his barrier, the white horse did not cut his barrier, and Ming Ge's birdcage could not cut his Barrier, can't his barrier be broken? Can Eagle Eye's World No. 1 Slash be cut?

The answer should be no. First, the eagle eye's slash was taken by Diamond Joz. Don't say that eagle eye did not do its best, no one knew it. I only know that Oda's definition is that the world's first slash, It is the strongest slash in the world, without cutting diamonds. Secondly, the fruit of the devil is not just a display. It is impossible for Hawkeye to chop Bucky, because Bucky is immune to slashing, that is, any slash is invalid. The entity is not related to the Superman system. If you add an armed color, you can cut Bucky, then the fruit of Bucky will be useless and impossible.

Therefore, Barto's barrier is probably unbreakable. In addition to controlling his hand in advance and not letting him gesture, he should also be able to use brute force to compress his barrier space.

Overlord color should be helpful for defeating Bartow. When he is strong, he can stun him directly, so that he can't release the barrier, and the red hair should be able to do it.

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