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Where to go this weekend? Not as good as here

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Gaia Altman

Mary Yan's "Spring Goddess" Collection

It's finally time to say goodbye with Han Dong

的气息越来越浓 The smell of early spring is getting stronger

All things wake up, seasons update

Of course, our skin must feel fresh skin care

such as

In this pink and white season,

If you want to be a goddess everywhere

May wish to let your skin feel a powerful deep cleansing "mite removal" first

If you don't get rid of mites, you can wipe a lotion of 10,000 yuan a bottle of lotion and rub 18 layers of essence is useless! That way you will only raise the mites to a fat puppet, if you say I do n’t need to starve to death it ’s head office puppet, rest assured! It will eat the collagen in our skin, make us aging faster and wrinkles more!

Therefore, anti-aging is not only about using the best cosmetics! The first thing to do is-remove mites

Professional beauty consultants

Salon scene

Akali's Mystery Store

Let us be beautiful this spring

We invite you to embark on the journey of beauty with us ...

March Skin Care Festival

13: 20-18: 00, Saturday (March 25)

Venue: No. 828, Shirong Mingzhu, Baiteng 2nd Road and Meiyun Shopping

Contact: 15015942028 / 0756-5510061

Meet more beautiful yourself with you

"Deep Cleansing"-Remove mites, prevent acne, remove acne, acne, shrink pores ...

Zhenmei House (zhenmei7100)

Spider pond