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Baoquan Mystery + Qingtian River Tour

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

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March 25 Special

Adults 239 yuan / person 1.2 meters below children 230

Qingming Festival departs on April 2

Adults 299 yuan Children 230 yuan

Day 1 Zaozhuang--Huixian

大巴用餐:住宿:修武 Transportation: Bus Dining: Late Night: Xiuwu

踏青赏花节(游览时间约3小时)年平均气温18度左右,气候宜人,空气清新。 D1, gather in the morning and go to Hui County, Henan. After arriving at noon, go to the National Forest Reserve, National Key Ecological Public Welfare Forest and Taihang Macaque Reserve — [Baoquan Tourism Resort] [Tulips] Tasting Flower Festival 3 hours) The annual average temperature is about 18 degrees, the climate is pleasant, and the air is fresh. The scenic spot is surrounded by Taihang wonders such as Gaoxingping Lake, Xiongqi Gorge, and ultra-high waterfalls. It is like a ghostly scroll picture of the canyon. It is the place where Qianlong imperial citadel "springs and water spirits." The scenic area is a group of high waterfalls in the auspicious Fury Land. It is like a picture of a canyon of magical aura. Visit Shuanglong Waterfall, Jianlong Waterfall, Yuelong Waterfall, Flying Dragon Waterfall, Moss Waterfall, Chuan Waterfall, Stacked Waterfall, Pearl Curtain Waterfall. Waiting for the top ten waterfalls, known as the largest waterfall group in northern Henan, crossed the glass plank path and ascended the 521-meter glass viewing platform to overlook the panorama. Check in to your hotel after your trip.

Baoquan Tourist Resort

Baoquan Tourist Resort

Baoquan Tourist Resort

Baoquan Tourist Resort



Day 2 Jiaozuo-Zaozhuang

大巴用餐:早午 Transportation: Bus Dining: Breakfast and Lunch

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(游览时间约3小时),行走在滨水栈道中7.5公里,或乘船(单程45元自愿选择)荡漾的大泉湖中,欣赏骆驼峰公鸡峰,天然长城、百鸟巢等景点。 In the morning, take a bus to the national AAAAA-level scenic spot after meals. It is not the Three Gorges but the northern Three Gorges of the Three Gorges — [Qingtian River] (tour time is about 3 hours), walking 7.5 kilometers in the waterfront boardwalk, or by boat (45 yuan one way voluntarily choose ) In the rippling Daquan Lake, enjoy the sights such as the camel peak and the rooster peak, the natural Great Wall, and the hundred bird nests. Feel water and sky. The boat travels around the lake, the boat moves in different scenery, and feels like the Li River, similar to the beautiful mood of the Three Gorges. After disembarking, you can tour the East Gorge to experience the fun of rafting, visit the brooks and waterfalls in the West Gorge tourist area to hear the legend of the stone chicken laying eggs. Finally, look at the Qingtianhe Reservoir dam and listen to the fraternal people's spirit.



Included items

空调旅游车(保证一人一正座) 1. Transportation: Air-conditioned tourist car (guarantee one seat per person)

标准间住宿(空调彩电独立卫生间) 2. Accommodation: Standard room accommodation (air-conditioned color TV separate bathroom)

1早2正餐(十人一桌十菜一汤主食不限) 3. Meal: 1 breakfast and 2 dinners (there is no limit to the main food for ten people, one table, ten dishes and one soup)

全程陪同+地接导游陪同服务 4.Guide: Escort service + ground tour guide escort service

青天河、宝泉、首道大门票(不包含景区内可选择的其他自费) 5.Tickets : Qingtianhe, Baoquan, and the first big ticket (excluding other optional expenses at the scenic spot)

1.2米以下儿童含车费餐费保险 6.Children: Children under 1.2 meters including car and meal insurance

旅行社责任险旅游意外险 7.Others: Travel agency liability insurance, travel accident insurance


Qingtian River 7.5 kilometers from Daquan Lake, boat tour one way 45 yuan / person

Shopping arrangements

Two shopping malls (Henan specialty products, bamboo charcoal living hall) are not mandatory for shopping

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