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Another name for love, called: compromise

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

There is a girl who grows up next door

The best happiness in the relationship,

Someone is willing to give in for you.

Say sorry, not necessarily really sorry,

But more reluctant to you

Contact you first, not necessarily not angry,

I miss you more.

Because I love deeply, I ignore the harm;

Because of distress, I am willing to be tolerant;

Because I don't want to lose, I would rather be wronged.

Someone who is willing to let go of you,

Is the person who hurts you most;

A heart willing to blend into your life,

I really love your heart.

Feelings, not looking for the best person,

It's about finding the best person for you.

Feelings, not looking for the best person,

It's about finding the best person for you.

Forgiveness is not because of broad heart,

But because of perseverance.

Unforgiveness is not necessarily unforgivable because of sin,

Just because the heart has left.

True love will definitely make people soft.

Anything that has nothing to do with soft heart,

It's just an illusion.

Happy Superman's Happy Battle

When a person insists not to forgive you,

No need to say more.

An impenetrable heart,

Everything, except for "love".

Another name for love is called "Compromise."

I love you more than a simple sentence,

It's a lifelong distress.

People who love you may not say a lot of love to you,

But will certainly do many expressions of loving you;

It may hurt your heart to be silent,

But I will quietly watch the horizon for you.

what is love?

Love is a thirsty glass of water,

A bowl of hungry noodles and a cold garment;

Love is company in loneliness,

Support when helpless, embrace when sad.

It is better to have you in your eyes than in you;

I often say I love you and I can't help you.

Someone confessed loudly, someone secretly cared,

Only time can test the truth.

Love is not a day thing, but a life thing!

If someone does this to you,

Be sure to cherish it.

If you treat someone like this,

Also remember to love yourself.

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