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Top programming language rankings in 2017, is your language on the list?

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Want to know what is the most popular programming language in the world?

What are their judgment criteria?

We all know that C ++, MATLAB, and Java have always been favored by technical colleges, and most graduates are keen to learn these languages. But are they needed by the industry? With this question in mind, we visited several highly trusted language indexing sites, and also went deep into global portals such as Indeed and Glassdoor, trying to collect data to summarize which of the most popular languages in the world, and the industry What language is most needed inside.

:对编程语言进行受欢迎度评选,并不是为了证明哪项语言好,哪项语言不好, 而是希望能通过这一类分析,找出用户最喜欢以及业界最需要的语言。) ( Note : The popularity evaluation of programming languages is not to prove which language is good and which language is not good, but to hope that this type of analysis can be used to find out the languages that users like most and the industry needs most.)


The TIOBE programming community index was created and maintained by TIOBE, a company in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. TIOBE stands for "The Importance of Sincerity". The index uses each language as a keyword and ranks the languages according to the number of search engine queries. Because TIOBE only indexes Turing-complete languages, SQL and HTML are not considered. The November 2016 ranking results show that Java is still the most popular language, with C and C ++ rankings following closely behind. Surprisingly, Visual Basic and Python have risen significantly, ranking ahead of Javascript, and assembly language has also been ranked in the top ten:


PYPL (Programming Language Popularity Index) is calculated based on the frequency of searches for language tutorials on Google. From the perspective of global search engine popularity, Java is still the big winner; Python ranks 6.8% higher than the previous five years, while PHP plummets 5.0%.

Professor Adrian Runceanu of Constantin Brancusi University has 16+ years of research experience in C ++, Java, Oracle. As for why C ++ is among the top ten programming languages, he said:

"I think C / C ++ provides a good mechanism for everyone to use. We can use this language to create portable applications, and C / C ++ is easy to learn and very popular with students. Other languages, such as, Javascript, Java, and Python are more suitable for web application development. I believe that C / C ++ will still dominate in the coming years. "


Stack Overflow is a Q & A platform. It has more than 4 million users and answers more than 10 million questions. According to the problem, more users of Javascript than other languages. In addition, compared to Node and Angular, PHP ranks down.


Prior to the September 2016 annual meeting, Github shared its statistical report here.

In the past 12 months, Github has more than 5.8 million active users and more than 19.4 million active repositories. It then published a list of popular languages on the platform. I believe anyone who has seen this list will know that Javascript is at the top of the list. Of course, this is not surprising. It is surprising that it has surpassed the competition ...


HackerEarth offers users a large number of coding challenges and job opportunities every month. The company supports more than 30 programming languages, and users can choose as they wish. There are more than 1 million programmers in HackerEarth, let's see what their favorite uses are:

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Indeed is one of the highest-traffic job sites in the United States, available in more than 50 countries, and supports 28 languages. In terms of usage, Java comes first, followed by Javascript, PHP and C with a gap of more than 10,000. Surprisingly, the R language has also shown a competitive momentum.

Professor Deepak Garg (expert in data mining and chair of the IEEE Computer Council India Council) commented: "The basic composition of many tools and applications in the computing industry has bridged the gap, which has led to the evolution of language complexity, making The language level is higher than before, which helps programmers focus more on logic and applications than just implementing complex structures and syntax of standard data types and constructs.


The establishment of this website allows employees to evaluate the organization. Glassdoor lists the work of developers. Ranked by developer category, the company most needs Java developers, followed by Javascript. Of course, R and C ++ are also popular, and the demand for Python and Perl has increased.

Languages to learn in 2017

Looking at this trend, Java and Javascript will still be the most popular languages in the web development industry, Google's Go is also catching up, and Ruby is still more popular with startups. According to data analysis, Mozilla's RUST and Facebook's HACK were also able to push the rankings in the second half of 2017.

Languages expected to rise in 2017:

R-Nowadays, the world's demand for statistics and data analysis is increasing. If you find that your work is more and more linked to R, then it is not impossible for R to become the most sought after language in 2017.

MATLA-Once it becomes the core language of mathematicians and scientists, MATLAB will play an increasing role in the field of analysis and statistics, and more developers will return to MATLAB because the complexity of mathematical analysis is increasing.

SQL-As more and more people acquire onboard technology, the use of databases has been growing exponentially. SQL is tailor-made for database loyalty.

Arduino-This is not a new language. It is a combination of C and C ++. As more and more embedded chips are waiting to be coded, Arduino is expected to become a new skill used in 2017.

Swift-In the face of developer complaints, Apple decided to replace Objective-C with Swift. The coding speed is still considerable. Visually, the development market for Swift will continue to expand.

Of course, the above are just my bold guesses. What kind of programming language will be set off in 2017? Let's wait and see!

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