hg32a.com Dedicated to fine film and television | The large-scale epic costume drama "Xishi Chuan" script seminar was successfully held

Dedicated to fine film and television | The large-scale epic costume drama "Xishi Chuan" script seminar was successfully held

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The 60-episode large-scale epic costume drama "Xishi Chuan", which was invested and produced by Zhejiang Hewen Film and Television Co., Ltd., was reported to the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television in December 2016 (License No .: [浙] 字 00818). The play is led by the well-known national playwright writer Huang Yaxia, and is leading the screenwriting team of Hewen Film and Television, which is progressing steadily.


The play will strive to reproduce the viewing status of "Bai Yue Zhuan". It will restore thousands of years of beauty of the Vietnamese nations Shih Tzu and Zheng Dan. How to bear the burden of humiliation and worry for the country when the country broke down? How to step from the bank of the Zhuji Huansha River to the stage of history has finally become a rumor of eternity. historical figure.


        大型史诗古装剧《西施传》剧本研讨会 ”,在杭州黄亚洲书院举行。 On March 28th, the " Large Epic Costume Drama" Xishi Chuan "Script Symposium " co-sponsored by the Propaganda Department of Zhuji Municipal Party Committee, Hangzhou Zhuji Chamber of Commerce, Hangzhou Grand Canal Cultural Forum, and Zhejiang Hewen Film & Television Co., Ltd. was held at Hangzhou Huangya Academy .


等,济济一堂,各抒己见,就上述问题展开深入探讨和交流。 Dozens of people include Huang Yazhou, former chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Writers Association, Guo Xuehuan, deputy director of Zhejiang Literature and History Museum, Zhou Jian, former deputy secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Government Work Committee, Chen Kanzhang, former director of Zhuji County Office, Luo Hanchao, former director of Chinese Department of Zhejiang University, and Zhejiang Museum Librarian Luo Hengguang, special researcher Xu Lintian of China Xishi Cultural Research Association, writer, screenwriter, expert of Xishi cultural research, person in charge of Zhuji City Cultural Department, including Jinhai Jiong, chairman of Zhuji City Federation of Cultural Studies , all gathered together to express their opinions and explore the above issues. Explore and communicate.


古装剧《西施传》剧本研讨会 Large-scale epic costume drama "Xishi Zhuan" script workshop

As a TV drama with historical themes, how can we shift our vision from the limitations of the story to the emphasis on the new reproduction and interpretation of the long-standing traditional culture of the Chinese nation and historically representative historical figures, and the core values of socialism The spirit advocated is incorporated. Experts and scholars have put forward their opinions and suggestions on the above issues at the workshop of the script of "Xi Shi Biography".


Ms. Qian Yanjun, the chairman of Zhejiang Hewen Film and Television Co., Ltd., as the producer and investor of "Xishi Chuan", is full of enthusiasm for returning to her hometown Zhuji. Fine costume TV series, giving back to my fellow folks.


As the chief screenwriter of "Xishi Chuan", Mr. Huang Yazhou made it clear that he would lead the Hewen Film and Television screenwriter team to restore the most authentic Shih Tzu and the real history of Wu Yue war behind it.


Guo Xuehuan, deputy director of the Zhejiang Museum of Literature and History and former director of the Provincial Communications Department, said that the writing of the script of "Xi Shi Chuan" must be closely related to the historical background at the time, and the way of expression must be combined with history and the current historical situation at that time.


Chen Kanzhang, the former director of Zhuji City and County Office, believes that the script must have a certain thickness. Luo Hanchao, the former director, professor, poet critic and poet of Zhejiang University's Chinese Department, also said that the script of "Xi Shi Chuan" must have a certain strength and a certain height.

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Xu Lintian, a special researcher of the China Xishi Cultural Research Association, believes that we must respect history, respect change, and be reasonable. At the same time, the positioning of the script in the planning stage is very important, and we must pay particular attention to the positioning of the audience. The audience positioning of Xishi Biography is more female-oriented.


Xishi and Zheng Dan are well-known and renowned internationally. This is not only the pride of Zhuji, but also the glory of Zhejiang. As a business card of Zhuji, how to use "Xishi Biography" to publicize and promote the hometown of Xishi-Zhuji, cultural workers inside and outside Zhuji also put forward their own suggestions.


Zhou Jian, former deputy secretary of the Working Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Government, said: We must respect the historical fact that Xi Shi was born in Zhuji, and this is also the common understanding of Zhuji people. Xishi culture can be shared, but Xishi's hometown cannot be shared. Zhuji is the only hometown of Xishi.


"Zhuji Daily" reporter Wang Xiaoming expressed the expectations of Zhuji people for "Xi Shi Biography".


▲ Speech from the seminar of the drama "Shih Tzu"

        It is believed that this seminar will definitely create a pleasant momentum and a good atmosphere for the ongoing historical drama "Xishi Chuan" of Hewen Film and Television. Let us look forward together. Produced by Hewen, must be a boutique!

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