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Chongqing Photography Association's photography style unveils the beautiful veil of five colors

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The five-colored Guimei red new dress is beautiful and beautiful, and the beautiful model displays a beautiful posture. On March 25th, the two-day "Spring Dyeing and Colorful Garden" photography gathering activity was launched at the colorful garden base of Chongqing Haibo Garden Technology Co., Ltd., unveiling the beautiful wedding yarn of five colors.

The gorgeous five-colored laurels become more beautiful in the photographer's lens

The colorful gardens have countless beautiful scenery every spring and autumn. There are five colors of sweet-scented sweet-scented osmanthus in spring and ten miles of sweet-scented osmanthus in autumn. In order to show the colorful and idyllic landscapes, customs, and the unique beauty of the five colors, 10 photographers from the Chongqing Photographers Association came to the colorful countryside at the foot of Yangming Mountain, Xinmin Town, Dianjiang County to capture the most beautiful moments here. Stop it in the camera.

Fragrant car beauty five colors Guihao must match

Photographers have been collecting styles in the colorful garden base. There are 10 "colorful fairy" beautiful models, happy peasant girls, and playful children helping out. In the style collecting activities, the photographers based on their inspiration and ideas. , Have seized the best position, selected the best angle, and recorded the beautiful scenery and cultural landscape of the colorful countryside with the most beautiful perspective, retaining each wonderful moment.

The president of the Photographers Association said, "It's the first time I've seen a sweet-scented osmanthus tree. It's really beautiful and amazing. Through this photography activity, I want everyone to appreciate the beauty of five-colored osmanthus and appreciate The colorful scenery of the colorful countryside. "The colorful countryside has beautiful scenery, beautiful and unique industries with five colors, as well as beautiful local customs, humanities, and hot springs, ancient villages, and Bao'en Temple. They are all very good subjects for photography.

Five-color osmanthus is a novel osmanthus variety. The leaves appear rose red in the early spring. This color lasts for about 20 days and gradually turns into pink. It gradually turns into yellow-red for about 20 days. This color lasts for about 20 days. It slowly turns white again, like a white cloud. The white color lasts for 2 months, and then gradually turns green from the main stem part to the whole leaf. The five-colored osmanthus bark is white, the leaves are twice the thickness of ordinary osmanthus, and the crown is tight and plump, with a spherical shape. Five-colored laurels are presented in five different colors and have a high ornamental value, suitable for planting in parks and scenic areas, municipal gardens, and high-end villas.


In 2016, Colorful Garden was selected into the list of characteristic towns to promote the integration and development of one and three industries. The project uses colored plants with five-colored osmanthus art as the core to create a Chongqing colorful garden colored plant theme park. With the perfect docking of agriculture and tourism, it creates leisure agricultural tourism, promotes the perfect integration and interactive development of the primary and tertiary industries, and promotes the supply side Structural reform.

At this event, photographers hope that through this film exhibition, more people will know more, know and like the five colors. At the same time, they hope that through this activity, photography will become a genre to build regional culture, A platform to display the beautiful new countryside; at the same time, to show everyone the new look of colorful countryside, as a thrust for the construction of characteristic towns.

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