HG8585..com How much is Xianfeng Ingot worth? How can I sell Xianfeng Ingot?

How much is Xianfeng Ingot worth? How can I sell Xianfeng Ingot?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Mengluo Fanghua

当百 ” 300000 20% off Xianfeng Yuanbao regular script: Baodang " Dangbai " 300,000 yuan

当百 星月 800000 咸丰元宝楷书折五十背宝泉 当百 雕母 1000000 咸丰元宝楷书折五十背宝泉局 当五百 ” 500000 咸丰元宝楷书特大型背宝泉局 当千 ” 900000 咸丰元宝楷书折二十背宝源局 当百 ” 400000 咸丰元宝楷书大型背宝源局 当五百 ” 500000 咸丰元宝楷书大型背宝源局 当千 ” 500000 咸丰元宝楷书折二十背宝直局 当百 ” 800000 咸丰元宝楷书折二十背宝蓟局 当百 ” 150000 咸丰元宝楷书折五十背宝济局 当百 ” 150000 咸丰元宝楷书折二十背宝德局 当百 ” 250000 咸丰元宝楷书折五十背宝陕局 五百 ” 300000 咸丰元宝楷书特大型背宝陕局 当千 ” 300000 咸丰元宝楷书折五十背宝巩局 五百 ” 300000 咸丰元宝楷书折五十背宝巩局 当千 ” 300000 咸丰元宝楷书折二十背宝河局 当五百 ” 420000 咸丰元宝楷 Xianfeng Yuanbao regular script 20% off Baoquan " Dangbai " Xingyue 800,000 yuan Xianfeng Yuanbao Regular script 50% off Baoquan " Dangbai " carved mother 1000000 Yuan Xianfeng Yuanbao regular script 50% off Baoduan Bureau " Dang 500 " Yuan Xianfeng Yuanbao regular script super large back Baoquan Bureau " Dangqian" 900,000 Yuan Xianfeng Yuanbao regular script 20% off Baoyuan Bureau "Dangbai" 400000 Yuan Xianfeng Yuanbao regular script " Dang five hundred " 500000 Xianfeng Yuanbao regular script Large-scale Baoyuan Bureau " Dang Qian " 500000 yuan Xianfeng Yuanbao regular script discounted to 20 back treasure straight round "Dangbai" 800,000 Xianfeng Yuanbao regular script discounted to 20 back treasure thistle bureau " Dangbai " 150000 Xianfeng Yuanbao regular script to 50 off Baoji Bureau " Dangbai " 150000 yuan Xianfeng Yuanbao regular script 20% off Baode bureau " Dangbai " 250,000 yuan Xianfeng Yuanbao regular script 50% off Baoshan bureau " Five Hundred " 300,000 Xianfeng Yuanbao regular script extra large back to Baoshan bureau " Dangqian " 300,000 yuan Xianfeng ingot regular script 50% off the Bao Gong Bureau " Five Hundred " 300,000 yuan Xianfeng ingot regular script 50% off the Bao Gong bureau " Dang Qian " 300,000 yuan Xianfeng ingot regular script 30% off the Baohe Bureau " Dang Qian five hundred "420,000 yuan Xianfeng ingot Kai 当千 ” 500000 Fold back fifty Po River Bureau "When thousand" 500,000 yuan

In the early days of Xianfeng, the Qing government had an annual income of about 40 million silver and an expenditure of about 36 million silver. There was a surplus of income and expenditure to offset each other. Since the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Revolution broke out, the financial crisis of the Qing government has deteriorated sharply. In the second year of Xianfeng (1852), the Ministry of Household Affairs stated: "Since the two years since, the military supply has become more than 20 million yuan, which has caused a shortage of support and planning difficulties." In a word: "Since Guangxi's use of troops, so far for three years, the ministerial department has allocated military troops and the various provinces have intercepted and reconciled to 29.63 million .... The Ministry of Banks Treasury, as of the 12th of this month At the end of the day, there were only 227,000 bank deposits in the bank account. "In the circumstances of excessive spending, financial distress, military difficulties, and the empty state treasury, the Qing government attempted to implement an inflation policy. Further search and plunder of the people.

On October 19th of the 2nd year of Xianfeng (1852), Sichuan Xuezheng turned to the Qing court and asked the government to cast large sums of money to meet the increasingly difficult financial needs. He said in the memorial: "... The system of big money in different generations has varied from about Dangwu, Dangshi to Dangqian. It is proposed to use the common money outside Changxing, and it will be cast into three types of big money:" Dang hundred, Dangwu " Hundreds, said to be a thousand; when a thousand is not more than two or two, the sacrifice and the agent should act together. The ministers agreed on the form, the service period is fine, the Chinese and foreign are awarded, and the whole is cast. And river engineering, soldiers, both silver and money; both the silver and the money are allowed to be paid by taxpayers as cashiers. Those who belong to the Treasury of the Treasury should be reduced to avoid the trouble of resolving the problem first. However, customs duties still collect all the silver as usual, and Ternix slaps silver for excellence. After the large amount of money is available, the government loses the use of silver. However, it is not necessary to use silver, and the people use silver to exchange money and use silver. Trade, listen freely, no problem .... "

The coin is bronze, with a diameter of about 5.1 cm and a thickness of about 4 cm. The front of the coin is a four-character script with "Xianfeng Yuanbao", the back side is full of Manchu "Baoyuan", and the top and bottom is the Chinese character "Dangbai". Liang Bo said that Xianfeng coins are generally divided into three grades. Xiaoping Qian is called "Xianfeng Tongbao", Dang Wu Dang Fifty is called "Xian Feng Zhong Bao", Dang Bai and Dang Qian are called "Xian Feng Yuan Bao". "Xianfeng" is the year of Qing Wenzong; after entering the Qing Dynasty, Baoyuan and Baoquan minting bureaus were set up in the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Households to mint coins, respectively, and later dynasties set up Baohe and Baodong in various places. , Baoyi, Baoji, Baojin, Baoshan, Baogong and other more than 20 bureaus minted coins.

"So much money was forged in the Qing dynasty that was unique in all dynasties in the Qing Dynasty. The forging of big money led to severe inflation. Four years later, Xianfeng had to order to stop casting big money and hundreds of money. According to Qing History The "Draft" records: 'Big money becomes a thousand, when a hundred, a discount is too heavy, and waste. When a hundred, when 50 is a slow waste.' "Liang Bo said," because of 'Xianfeng Yuanbao', when a hundred dollars were cast, it is currently circulating. There are not many living, especially the big money made by Baoyuan and Baoquan Coin Bureau. "

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[Furniture] Hardwood furniture of various materials in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, such as rosewood, Hainan Huanghuali, Jinsi Nanmu, Millennium Ebony, etc.

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