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What kind of character is suitable for finance?

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Those personalities are exactly what financial people need, and those personalities are incompatible with financial personality?
Not suitable for finance

1.Sporty personality

Most of the financial work is desk work. If you cannot sit still and calm down, there is no way to do this job well.

2. Careless personality

无时不刻在跟数字打交道,如果面对密密麻麻的数据无法保持一颗清醒清晰的头脑,经常粗心大意多一个零或少一个零,离收到老板的辞退信已经不远了。 Finance is always dealing with numbers. If you cannot keep a clear head in the face of dense data, you often carelessly add one more zero or one less zero, which is not far from receiving the boss's dismissal letter.

3. Glass heart-shaped character

After entering the accounting industry for a period of time, work pressure will also follow. If the pressure in your heart is not strong enough, then you will not be qualified for the job.

Personality suitable for finance

1.Open personality

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,实则不然,除非你只想做一辈子出纳。 Many people think that a dull personality is suitable for finance , but it is not true unless you only want to be a cashier for a lifetime. 是一个需要与人沟通的工作,不仅仅是对单位内部,还要与银行、税务机关交流工作。 Finance is a job that requires communication with people, not only within the unit, but also with banks and tax authorities. 岗位。 People go to high places, excellent communication skills, publicity but not excessive personality, can make you move to a management finance position.

2. Specialized personality

做到一定程度,也是一个需要不断钻研的行业,虽然说做学问的都很枯燥,但财务总能在专研中苦中作乐。 To a certain extent, finance is also an industry that needs continuous research. Although it is boring to learn, finance can always be happy in the special research.

3. Passionate personality

也不例外。 Any industry needs passion to motivate work, and finance is no exception.

4. Constrained personality

工作,否则只会掉入泥潭,深深不能自拔。 This is very important. If you cannot resist the temptation of huge benefits, it is best to stay away from financial work, otherwise you will only fall into the quagmire and cannot help yourself deeply.

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