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Ching Ming Festival is healthy, you need to pay attention to four defenses

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Tomorrow will begin a three-day Qingming holiday. Binjiang Jun also reminds everyone

Prevent allergy

The most important point in preventing hay fever is to reduce direct contact with allergenic pollen, especially in windy weather. It is not recommended to stay outdoors for long periods of time, and to avoid lush flowers and trees as much as possible, let alone smell it. Now that you want to be clear, you need to be fully prepared.


First of all, you must wear a mask for protection when going out, and also wear long-sleeved clothes, and it is best to wear a hat at the same time. Generally speaking, the sun is strongest at noon, and the amount of pollen released is the largest. At this time, people who are allergic to pollen are best not to go out. The lush vegetation in spring and mosquitoes start to breed are also one of the main causes of skin allergies when traveling. Patients often have rashes such as rashes and blisters on the waist and lower limbs, and itching is unbearable.

Sun protection

In the spring, ultraviolet rays are enhanced. Sun protection when traveling is very important. You should try to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. You can take sunshades, hats, masks, sunglasses and other means of sun protection. You must wear sunscreen when exposed.


Strong outdoor ultraviolet rays and large wind and sand in the spring, increased skin water dispersion, strong sebum secretion, imbalance of water and oil ratio, easy to dry and desquamation, enhanced skin sensitivity, should drink plenty of water, bath temperature should not be too high, avoid the use of alkaline bath products, Appropriate amount of moisturizing cream containing more water and less oil.

Prevent colds

风为阳邪,其性开泄 ,意思就是春风容易导致风寒入侵,加上清明多雨,湿气较重,在 湿 共同作用下,容易引发感冒、风湿、肩周炎等病痛。 Traditional Chinese medicine believes that " wind is yang and its nature is venting " , which means that the spring wind easily leads to the invasion of wind and cold, plus the clear and rainy, the humidity is heavy. Under the combined action of " wind " and " wet " , it is easy to cause colds and rheumatism , Periarthritis and other diseases.


Therefore, the Qingming Festival should pay special attention to preventing the invasion of dampness and coldness. It is recommended that citizens who go out to enjoy the spring and spring should still wear light and warm clothes. Prepare a light jacket that can be put on and taken off at any time to change clothes in time. 风邪入体 Citizens who are prone to sweating are advised to bring a small handkerchief or towel with them to wipe their sweat, so as not to " wind into the body " .

Prevent diarrhea

The weather before and after the Qingming Festival was much rainy, cold and humid, which easily induced various gastrointestinal diseases, such as peptic ulcer and gastroenteritis. Every Qingming Festival, some families prepare Qingming Festival. Qingming loquat is made of glutinous rice flour and Qingming grass. Most of the fillings contain animal oil and sugar.


Qingming glutinous, people with poor digestive function eat too much, easy to induce gastrointestinal diseases, even people with good gastrointestinal function should eat less, and eat after heating. The fillings in Qingming tincture contain higher sugars, and diabetic patients should try to avoid them.

Song my good brother lyrics

B 、维生素 C 含量高的食物,如西红柿、苹果、橙子等,多食大枣,山药等食物,健脾益气,滋阴润肺,过敏体质者可少摄入光敏性食物和辛辣发 Out-of-town trips are often prone to irregular diets and inappropriate diets. The correct approach is to eat as often as possible. Eat more foods with high levels of vitamin B and vitamin C , such as tomatoes, apples, oranges, etc., eat more dates, yam And other foods, spleen and qi, nourish yin and lungs, people with allergies can reduce the intake of light-sensitive food and spicy hair

喔。 Of course, there is a good place for the three-day holiday in Qingming. Come to the banks of the Desheng River, take a walk, blow hair, visit the park, taste food at the Fisherman's Wharf, and enjoy the colorful music fountain at night. For a long holiday, remember to come to Kailan Riverside .

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