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[Notice to parents, must-read] How can parents stand by while educating their children?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Thirteen Constellations

The world economic situation is becoming increasingly severe, employment is becoming more difficult, and competition is increasing. Everyone seems to have to have 72 changes in order to gain a place in society. In order to prevent children from losing at the starting line, Aiko's eager parents have armed their children from a young age and learned a variety of skills to meet social challenges. In the old days, Meng's mother moved three times and Hyundai invested millions and millions of dollars in the purchase of school district housing tyrants, all to allow children to receive good education.

Education situation

Educational choice

In China, there is a period called "three years old to look up and seven years old to look at old people", which means that children should be educated as soon as possible. 日益明显。 Nowadays, in the face of increasing global integration, economic globalization is becoming increasingly apparent. Among a wide variety of training courses, English learning is the most important. 。 And all-round immersion courses can let children learn pure English without knowing it (pictured is Meng Meng's Three Moves) .

EF Education

Daqing EF Education has been established for nearly two decades, and has trained tens of thousands of students, helping young children aged 3-18 to realize their dreams. Good teachers and internationally leading learning systems ensure that children can learn authentic English. Special offers are now available in the beginning of the school season!

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A fully integrated, step-by-step curriculum that grows with your child!

Young children aged 3-18 learn English, choose EF!

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New TB3.0 course listed PK test English

接轨国内教学大纲和考试题型,教材有机整合听、说、读、写、语法、词汇六大学习板块 另有核心技能培养和课后线上巩固。 EF's new upgraded course TB 3.0 : Integrates with domestic syllabus and examination question types, and integrates six learning modules of listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary organically , as well as core skills training and online consolidation after class. Linked together, all breakthroughs. 大庆英孚教育新村校区面向社会招收100名A1.1-B1.2级别学员 欧盟语言框架标准,孩子具体进班级别以英孚老师测试为准)来感受TB3.0为英语学习者带来全新体验! Now Daqing EF Education Xincun Campus is enrolling 100 A1.1-B1.2 students ( EU language framework standard, children's specific classes are subject to EF teacher test) to feel TB3.0 as an English learner Come new experience!

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Age: 11-14 years; English requirements: A1.1-B1.2 level;

Course period: 8 weeks; Quota: 100 people;

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1. One English lesson (3-6 years) or 1 English proficiency test (7-18 years)

1本趣味亲子英语杂志 2, 1 fun parent-child English magazine

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