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How to prevent electric mattress from catching fire?

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How to prevent electric mattress from catching fire?

1. The electric mattress should be laid flat during use, and it is strictly forbidden to energize it in the case of curling and folding. Otherwise, the heating element will burn out due to the local temperature being too high, causing a fire.

2. After the power is turned on, the control switch should be changed from "high temperature" to "low temperature" when the power supply rises to about 25 ° C. If you do not need to continue heating, you should turn off the switch or cut off the power. Do not make it Work in "high temperature" gear for more than 2 hours.

3. When using, avoid touching sharp objects, so as not to damage the heating wire. When storing, you can roll up or fold it, and do not put heavy objects on it.

Why do recorders and speakers catch fire?

Recorders and stereos that can catch fire mainly refer to stand-type, desktop recorders and stereos that use AC power. There are three main causes of the fire:

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1. There is no power switch for the recorder. As long as the power plug is not unplugged, the recorder transformer will continue to work, and it will become hot after a long time.

2. Sometimes the voltage fluctuates greatly. At low load at night, the power supply voltage will be higher than 220 volts, which easily causes the coil and iron core to heat up.

3. The temperature of the transformer core coil is high. After a certain period of time, the insulation skin is damaged and a short circuit occurs, which causes the recorder to catch fire.

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