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April Fool's Day is approaching

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Do you believe it?

Early April, April 1

April Fool's Day, did you make it?

This festival can be described as a kind of humor to life.

Two people enjoy, one is happy, one is crying.

This day, be careful when listening to others,

Because you don't even know "this is it" really!

The boss told me to work tomorrow Saturday

I do n’t believe it, I really do n’t believe it, stop teasing me,

I! only! Do not! go with!

Don't come to deduct your salary!

Don't come and write your resignation report!

If you do n’t come, you will never use it again!



Of course, how could this baby care about such low-level deception?

Ran Goose ...

When I watched Qingming Festival for a few days off;

But surprise came .. no! It's scary!

Really work on Saturday, 6666

If someone tells you to work on Saturday

Please believe that you are not lying to you!

Yeah, right!

I love work and nothing can stop my passion for work.

In a day that is fun for all ages

Every April Fool's Day

Everywhere in life is really a routine

Watch with Yingying today

What are April Fools' Spoofs



Whoever goes to the toilet with me is my good buddy

However, I have such a good buddy.

Take down the wall in your mind

If you play outside

Can come and ride a horse, then ...

I haven't seen my girlfriend for a long time

Have a simple hug .....

Be careful with weight like this

Otherwise, it's broken by accident ...

Heart disease people do not experiment

Scared a hundred times without getting tired

This April Fool's Day

I believe everyone will be happy

Because you are not being rectified

You are rectifying others

This day; how many people will break

When I saw this little friend

I think the whole person technology really hurt him

Young mind hahaha

April Fool's Day

I do n’t know if I am happy

Anyway, first bless you ...

Yingying just wanted to say

Don't delay

Otherwise: no

You are being treated by others

Start early!

We strive to achieve a goal:

Create high quality and low price

Unique wine!

Heyue Youpin 好喝不贵 delicious and not expensive

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Phone: 010-57228999

Office address: 6-22 | 209, Commercial Storage and Transportation Company, Guangqu East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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