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Can't help but care about you

Public number: Mood essay Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:35:43

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Stealing the world of cultivation

When the love is strong, people are stunned,

Love deeply and regret it,

I miss you if you forget

Would rather be sad to back

Don't blame Cangtian, don't blame anyone,

Life is not a dream.

There is a feeling that when insomnia always happens,

To admit it is "Acacia"

There is a fate always after waking up,

I believe it is "eternal"

There is always a glance when breaking up,

I saw it was "love"

Sniper Elite Chinese

There is always a mood after parting,

I understand it is "lost."

If true love is a happiness,

Heartache is also happiness;

If true love is a treat,

Feeling tired is also enjoying;

If true love is an experience,

Heartbreak is also beautiful ...

Caring taste

That's how bitter and sweet

Miss your feelings

That's how lingering

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