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50 small details to teach you how to deal with relationships

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The problem of being unobstructed with a little closeness must be corrected. Ranch


Replace "Did you understand" with "Did I understand?" Ranch


When someone sends you a message, you must reply. Even if you don't want to talk, you can tell him that even if you use expressions or punctuation to express euphemisms, not returning the message is not high-cold or uneducated. Ranch


Don't try to exchange a friend with your own secret. Ranch


I've seen tattooed guys give up seats on buses. I've also seen beasts in suits and ties eating and drinking with public money. The beautiful and handsome people in this era may not necessarily be gentlemen, and the ones who are very exposed may not necessarily be mules Don't judge people by their appearance. Ranch


Different circles don't have to be fused. Ranch


Don't tell the secret to the wind, the wind will blow through the forest. Ranch


Don't get too fast with anyone, don't think that the topic is the same at the beginning, there are many things in common, you are the friends who meet late. Language is often fake, and what we experience together is true. Ranch


What shouldn't be said before, don't say it behind. Ranch


Use "thank you" instead of "thank you". Although it is just one more word, it is sincere. Ranch


A girl's popularity in the boys 'heap doesn't explain anything. If you play in the girls' heap, it is really amazing. Ranch


A girl who laughs all day is always more pleasing than a girl who is depressed. Ranch


Others need to be quiet while sleeping. Ranch


Do n’t just look at someone ’s phone without your consent. Ranch


When someone takes your mobile phone to show you the picture, you just have to look at it carefully, don't slide the picture down. Ranch


Do not know your girlfriend's girlfriend, because her girlfriend does not like you, you will break up, her girlfriend likes you, you will still break up. Ranch


There are two kinds of people you can trust: those who don't talk about lending you money, and those who keep their promise to pay you back. Ranch


Don't talk too deeply, don't be mean. Ranch


McDull said: There is something to be said, do not wait for the other party to understand, because the other party is not you, do not know what you want, wait until the end can only be sad and disappointed, especially the relationship. Ranch


Everyone speaks only three points, so don't lose all your heart. Ranch

twenty one

"What's wrong" in the majority of the population is just to satisfy curiosity and does not mean to help you. Ranch

twenty two

It's very impolite to break the joy of others. You should all know. Ranch

twenty three

In the matter of rejection, the simpler the better, it is clear that others need their own help, explaining that for a long time, they feel that they owe others, and they can help. Interpersonal communication is simple and clear. Sometimes it is the most appropriate. Only when you understand rejection can you be free and easy. Ranch

twenty four

Even if you encounter a good partner like Gao Fushuai Bai Fumei or Wang Sicong, the eternal law of interpersonal relationship is to balance transactions. Never think of relying on anyone. Ranch


When someone tells you what he likes, I hope you don't refute it, because we are talking seriously, and you say how bad the things we like are, your frankness is just selfish. Ranch


Go to someone's home, and when someone asks you to watch TV, you should go. If the boss keeps shaking during the interview, it means that he is not interested in what you said. Once he stops his shaking legs, it means that he is interested. When you are talking to someone, once someone takes a deep breath, it means that he doesn't want to listen and is pressing his attitude towards you. Ranch


Don't make jokes about unfamiliar people. Acquaintances too. Ranch

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Don't show your disgusting expression in front of the person you hate, don't say bad things about the person you hate in front of the person who knows the person you hate. Ranch


Don't start with your opposite sex friends. Ranch


Don't be too familiar with girls, I don't know how to explain to you ...


Don't say harsh words to your friends, the bad words are the most hurtful. Ranch


Please treat service industry personnel better. Ranch


Try to remember other people's names when you first meet. Ranch


Hold back the words that hurt the most when you are angry. Ranch


Don't talk hard, don't do soft things. Ranch


Others can laugh at themselves but you must not agree. Ranch


Most people don't like being candid. Ranch


Look away and you won't be sad. Ranch


Don't believe in women's chasing men's compartments and the like. Ranch


Don't complain about things to others. There are very few people in the world who can empathize with them. Most people are annoyed when they listen to them. A small number of people use them as props to laugh. Ranch


When you are angry or full of negative emotions, don't bring negative energy to others, let alone vent your anger. If you can't, it's best to stay alone when you are sad.

Because not everyone is your loved one and good friend. In the eyes of others, this is an act of spreading negative energy by you for no reason. Over time, others are unwilling to approach you. Ranch


After you have a boyfriend, don't cut off all your friends, because in the end when your boyfriend is lost, you will find that you have nothing.


Never sniff at one's efforts. Ranch


When it's time to tear, don't blame yourself. Ranch


  • Treat "male or goddess" as ordinary heterosexual friends; treat ordinary heterosexual friends as male or goddess. Your relationships will be much better.

  • Don't make excuses for doing something wrong. Just admit it.

  • Always use "you" when texting with strangers, and add "interrupt you" at the end of your own initiative.

  • In the face of the squirt on the Internet, do not reply or discuss; if you must return, you are happy to reply. Ranch


Threesome. One person laces his shoes. You two wait for him. Ranch


Don't open the yellow cavity to unfamiliar girls. Ranch


The most effective way to lose someone is to get too close. Ranch


Don't force yourself to be good for relationships. Be a bad person who often does good things, not a good person who cannot do bad things. Ranch


No matter what truth I tell you, you will not understand the truth when your mind has not reached this level or a close level or experienced something. Or you think you know the truth, but you don't.

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