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Beauty Tutorial 4

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# 美 妆 指南 # It's more exciting, but it's just this glittery makeup

Sometimes you feel that your popularity is not high enough? Is it because the makeup is not right, can't impress people, can't catch attention? Today, Xiaobian brought a glittering beauty, pink powder, and it depends on it to increase popularity.

Step1: Apply light eyeshadow on the eyes and make a base.

Step2: Apply the pink eye shadow on the upper and lower eyelids, and smudge outwards slightly.

Step3: Brush the dark purple eyeshadow on the upper and lower eyelids, blend with the pink eyeshadow, and blur the purple eyeshadow outward.

Step4: Draw the upper and lower eyeliner with black eyeliner, and the inner corner of the eye is enclosed.

Step5: Extend the tail of the upper eyeliner and draw a small triangle to increase the charm of the eyes.

Step6: Use a small eyeshadow brush to slightly smudge the black eyeliner above the inner corner of the eye. Similarly, smudge the triangular area below the outer corner of the eye.

Step7: Put false eyelashes on the upper and lower eyelids. It will be more natural to attach segmented false eyelashes to the lower eyelashes.

Step8: Apply mascara to make the lashes curl densely. Put colored sequins on the ends of your eyes to make them more attractive.

Glitter powder makeup, make people remember, rely on it to enhance your popularity.

Su Yan is also a kind of beauty when you are young, but if you do n’t dress yourself up, how do you know what you can look like? Even if you have a beautiful face with loli, you can be beautiful with meticulous makeup. 小编来画一款让你更亮眼的妆容,让你记住自己最青春美丽的样子。 Below I will draw a makeup that will make you more dazzling, let you remember your most youthful and beautiful look.

STEP1: Apply a light base makeup to the skin with air cushion BB cream.

STEP2: Use pink pearly eyeshadow to apply a large area to the upper eyelid, and use light brown eyeshadow to blend on the inside of the double eyelid and above the crease.

STEP3: The eye position is brightened with golden pearl eyeshadow.

STEP4: Draw a thin black eyeliner close to the root of the eyelashes.

STEP5: The lower eyelids are stained with golden pearl eyeshadows and the positions in the eyes, and the ends of the eyes are stained with a small amount of brown eyeshadows.

STEP6: Apply mascara to curl your lashes.

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STEP7: Primer lips with concealer.

STEP8: Apply red lipstick to the center of the lips, and smudge the lipstick outward with your fingers.

STEP9: Apply cherry red lip gloss to the center of the lips.

Little Loli can also make a big charm!

It is said that women are like cats, smart and independent, sexy and lazy. You never know what they are thinking in their heads. Every woman with a cat's temperament is particularly attractive, and becoming a cat-like woman is what many girls want to do. Want to be a cat-like woman, today I am going to make a cat eye makeup for everyone, and draw such sexy makeup, you are closer to the cat-like woman.

STEP1: The brown eyebrow pencil draws a slightly eyebrow-shaped eyebrow shape. This eyebrow shape will make you look more energetic and more aura.

STEP2: Use beige pearl eye shadow to base the eyes.

STEP3: From the beginning of the eye to the end of the eye draw a slightly elongated eyeliner with a rising arc.

STEP4: The lower eyelid is also smudged from the head to the end of the eye, forming an all-inclusive eyeliner.

STEP5: Use an eye shadow brush to dip a brown-black eye shadow to smudge the eyeliner.

STEP6: The middle part of the lower eyelid is brightened with pearly eyeshadow.

STEP7: Apply an appropriate amount of pink eye shadow on the upper eyelid.

STEP8: Apply mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

STEP9: The pink blush is applied to the center of the laughing muscle.

STEP10: Rosy lipstick applies the lips and focuses on the inside of the lips.

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