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❤ What was the moment when the girl was entered?

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That year, Aoi Aoi was rotten by people, and I was rotten by college. I am twenty-two years old, a confused age, but even more confused than that is that I lost my job after graduation and my dad fell ill. , My girlfriend ran away.


After graduating, my girlfriend and I searched for work several times without success, and went to work in a pet shop together. A month ago, I found out that she bathed her pet and washed it on the client's bed. I could n’t help it, and accepted the reality with tears Cruel.


At the pet store, I live very hard every day, the boss with low wages and the boss step on. Until one day, I met the woman who hated me and then pulled me to work in a women's prison.


The reason she hated me was because I had moved her while she was drunk.


That day, I went to work as usual, after cleaning up a messy pet shop, I walked out of the shop door, bought a pack of five dollars of soft white sand in the convenience store next door, and wearily lit a cigarette against the wall. There is no hope for life, and there is no reason to die. Once the ideals were gone, every day was like a walking dead.


On the steps in front of the store, there was a line of people sitting, lined up, old and young, male and female. There is a little loli, sweating all over. Youth, really cute youth.


I looked at the little loli with a cigarette. She called and blinked at me, then looked at the curb. I smoked two more cigarettes. A BMW stopped at the side of the road. Little Lolly walked over, youthful, so cute and youthful.


Little Loli opened the door of the BMW car, and drove a bald uncle wearing sunglasses. The uncle hugged Little Loli, and her black hand reached out to Little Loli.


I scold in my heart, beast.


It's hard, I realized that this flowery city of paper drunken gold is not a paradise for rural children.


"Zhang Fan, what are you doing? Are you lazy again?" A rough voice awakened me from contemplation.


Turned around, the store manager He Hua, the boss is her godfather, we called her Hua Sister, facing me in anger.


A male doll recognizes a godfather, and a goddaughter does a male doll and a mother-in-law; a female doll recognizes a godfather, and a goddaughter does a baby girl. The godfather did nothing for nothing, either fucking his mother or her daughter. Godfathers have always been busy since ancient times. Godfathers are actually perverts.


I threw away my cigarette butt, and the slave asked, "What did Sister Hua tell me?"


Under the roof, people had to bow their heads.


"I'm so busy in the shop. You're very busy. You hide here and smoke lazily. You don't have any motivation. No wonder your girlfriend ran away with the rich."


Looking at her two thin red lips that opened and closed, I had scolded it a hundred times in my heart.


My girlfriend's derailment is undoubtedly a huge blow to me, but I have to be reminded by the kindness of the manager when I come to work every day: Nothing can be done well, no wonder your girlfriend has run away with someone! You ca n’t wash a dog, no wonder your girlfriend ran away! The mopping is not clean, no wonder your girlfriend ran away.


My girlfriend ran away with someone, and it was related to the mop that did not clean the floor.


"A customer called and asked us to come and bathe their pets! Tips and tricks!" She shoved the ticket to me.


In this desperate pet shop, doing desperate work and receiving desperate wages, the boss has too many eyes and the staff has too few eyes; salary increase is a fairy tale, and overtime is the basic national condition at this stage.


OK, just resign. Grit your teeth for a long time. Alas, let's forget, wait until you find a new job.


Holding the service ticket, I went to that very luxurious district, and after two-level interrogation by the security guard, I found the customer's door.


The door opened, and I stunned, a beautiful lady, a set of precious silk pajamas, her hair fluffy sexy, tall. A scent of wine smelt against her body.


I was in a dirty work clothes, holding a pet washing basin and other washing supplies in my hand, standing in front of her, inexplicably inferiority, inferiority to the dust, a rotten chrysanthemum came out. I whispered to her that I was a pet shop employee.


"Called for three days and only came here now. What is your service attitude at your pet shop?" She stared at me and complained, her eyes were charming but aggressive.


I whispered: "I'm sorry, ma'am, we have been busy these days and we are short of staff."


"You changed your shoes. The cat is in the kitchen. You go in and look for it yourself." She looked at my dirty shoes in contempt, in a commanding tone.


Putting on slippers, I went into her house. Her home is gorgeously decorated, high-end atmosphere, huge screen wall TV, a white wedding dress on the big sofa, some food on the tea table, and a bottle of wine.


When I entered the kitchen, there were several McDonald's takeaway paper bags on the kitchen utensils. In the corner of the luxurious large kitchen, a white Pomeranian was eating McDonald's chicken wings. In this world, dogs eat better than me.


I waited for it to be full, hugged it, looked at the two chicken wings left on the dog's plate, and I swallowed, it was time for supper. Hold it into the bathroom and start bathing the puppy.


The woman in the living room called and quarreled with her boyfriend: "You get my fox cat away, or I'll send it to the veterinarian. You have to find out, this is my house and not yours. Sorry, I don't I may forgive you. There are many beautiful women outside you, whoever you want to be with, don't ask me again! "


I glanced into the hall secretly, she threw her cellphone on the sofa, took a few drinks with a bottle of wine.


It's a love trap.


She suddenly turned her head to see me, her sharp eyes were so aggressive that I hurriedly lowered my head and continued to dry the puppy.


"That vet, that vet!" She was calling me.

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"What's the matter?" I'm very uncomfortable. My girlfriend and I are both studying psychology. This up-and-coming specialty is hard to find a job. One day we met our pet shop owner and said that you study medicine as psychology. It's also medicine, almost the same. Our boss is too talented.


I washed my hands and came out to ask her what was happening.


"Is there a smoke?"




"Give me one." Her voice wasn't right.


I walked over, took out the soft white sand from my pants pocket, and handed the cigarette to her. She reached over to pick up the cigarette, and I felt a stun in the heart, the smoke fell to the ground, her eyes were red and swollen, and her bright eyes There is bloodshot, obviously just crying.


I quickly turned away from looking at her.


The cigarette fell to the ground, and I hurriedly gave her another cigarette, and she took it: "Lighter."


I'll give her a point.


There was a very long and deep scar on her hand, a new wound, and the blood was not very dry. The other hand had the same scar.


I told her that I had finished my work, which meant asking her to pay.


She didn't speak and kept watching her cellphone smoking with text messages. I didn't dare to sit down, because I was afraid of soiling the sofa.


After almost smoking a cigarette, she threw her cigarette on the floor and said, "What a cigarette is so difficult to smoke!"


There is a anger in my heart. If there is money, who is willing to smoke five dollars, I said unhappy: "or you do n’t smoke, do n’t smoke."


She glared at me. I didn't dare to look at her and looked away.


"The cat is washed?" She asked me.


I said it was washed. I don't know why she called that Pomeranian a cat.


"I. Go and get the money for you." She stood up and walked to the room in three steps. She had finished the bottle of wine.


Going to the bathroom door, she glanced inside, entered the bathroom, and called out loudly: "Veterinarian! Come!"


I hurried over: "What's wrong?"


"You bathed the cat with my bath towel!" She asked me aggressively.


"I just took the shower to adjust the water temperature and accidentally spilled it on the bath towel." I told the truth.


"There's still hair on it! You're sophistical!" She exasperated.


The bath towel really has dog hair on it. I do n’t know how to have dog hair, but this is really not what I got. I explained, “I did n’t use your bath towel to bathe the cat. We have our own towel. Bring it back for cleaning and disinfection. "


"Why is there hair on the towel?" She interrupted me loudly.


"I said we have special towels! Are you looking for fault!" I got angry too.


"Do you dare to kill me? Well, I will complain to you immediately." She pushed me out of the bathroom, picked up the mobile phone on the sofa and called the shop. "Your veterinarian, what kind of service attitude? Give my bath towel to the cat Rubbing my body, dying without confessing, dare to scold me. "


When I heard the call, our boss kept apologizing and said I'm sorry.


After that, I went back to be scolded again.


After making the call, she went into the room and took out her wallet. She took out a small amount of change from the wallet and threw it on me annoyingly: "Take it!"


In her eyes, I'm not even as good as a dog. I watched the money drift away, like my fragmented cheap self-esteem, scattered all over the place. My anger burst into flames, and I walked up, slapping her face with a slap, and a loud, loud noise made my hands hurt.


She froze for a moment before returning to God, erupting: "Dare you hit me! No one has ever hit me since I was young! I killed you!"


I didn't expect her to go with me directly, pick up the bottle on the tea table and smash it over.

I was frightened, but never flashed. The bottle of wine slammed into my chest. The woman went crazy. She rushed up and gave me a slap. Fortunately, my eyes were fast and I grabbed her arm. She wanted to break free. I grabbed the other hand and twisted them together. I pressed the situation and pressed her to the sofa. The whole person fell asleep on her body. The bumpy, warm and soft body let me spit. Zhang! I haven't touched a woman for a long time, which makes me lose my mind!


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