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[How to choose my coffee? 】

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Some time ago, Zishu encountered a series of problems related to coffee. The problem originated from a friend who needed coffee to refresh his work, but he rarely touched coffee, and his knowledge of coffee stayed in the range of coffee = instant.

As for his question, Zishu may feel that many small friends will encounter this situation. It is necessary to briefly explain to everyone here.

Come here, everyone, look here [knock on the blackboard] It ’s important! The general understanding of coffee is basically this:

White coffee is healthier than black coffee?

Drinking white coffee is not easy to get angry?

Does drinking coffee cause a fire?

What exactly is instant coffee?

How should I choose the type of coffee?

白咖啡的名称并非因为咖啡的颜色而命名,而是在咖啡豆的烘培过程中没有添加任何成分,因此白咖啡名称中的 也取义纯净、纯粹。 The search made by Zishu on the Internet: " The name of white coffee is not named because of the color of the coffee, but because no ingredients are added during the roasting of coffee beans, so the " white " in the name of white coffee is also pure Pure. "

But in fact, is white coffee really healthier than black coffee?

即溶咖啡能够很快的溶化在热水中,而且在储运过程中占用的空间和体积更小,更耐储存。 White coffee also belongs to instant coffee. The earliest use was on the battlefield of World War II. Instant coffee can be quickly dissolved in hot water, and it takes up less space and volume during storage and transportation. Save. However, in the industrialized production, the merchants seeking to maximize the benefits often use inferior coffee beans, and other harmful residues may remain in the production process. It is undeniable that instant coffee has brought great convenience to people who love coffee, but with the pursuit of coffee quality, specialty coffee has begun to enter the lives of the public.

Some people may ask, I do n’t have special coffee making equipment in my office, and I do n’t want to drink instant coffee that is sweet and greasy, can I have other healthier options?

The answer is yes.

Where are the evil ghosts?

At this time Azusa will come up with a hanging ear bag ~

Hanging ear bags are still strange to many friends who do n’t have much coffee, right?

The hanging ear bag is a convenient coffee brewing bag, similar to a tea bag. The white paper bag contains ground coffee powder. Unlike the tea bag, the tea bag is directly dropped into the water and the coffee hanging ears The package has several steps:

1. When we need to drink, gently tear the seal of the package,

2. Hang the "small ears" on the sides of the mug,

3. When it is set up, fill it with hot water slowly ,

250ml 以后就可以稍微让挂耳包泡在咖啡液里 1~2 分钟 4. After pouring it to about 250ml , you can let the ears wrap in the coffee liquid for 1 ~ 2 minutes .

5. Finally, take out the hanging ear bag and throw it away, you can enjoy a cup of homemade healthy coffee .

After drinking the hanging ear bag, next time Zishu will share with you how to choose a cup of good coffee that suits your taste ~ See you next time ~

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