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I have been in a hurry recently

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These days are very urgent.

Spring is getting strong, the flowers are full of color, and the circle of friends is full of enchanting spring colors, but I can't go out.

Finally, there were two sunny days last weekend, and I kept running around Anfu Taoyuan and Wen'an.

Bailizhou Pear Blossom has been in these days, but has no time to go. Nanhe hasn't been close for a long time since last winter, and will soon be flooded.

The most important thing is that the peach blossom is so colorful, the cauliflower is everywhere yellow, the pear blossom is full of island fragrance, Nanhe is still close, Zhijiang is so beautiful, I have taken so many beautiful films, so much joy in my heart, but I have no time to clean up, no time to dry Is really a hurry.

Can't help it, just pick a few photos, otherwise I have nothing to see in spring.

How can such a beautiful spring not be shared?


The peach blossoms at Anfu Temple have long been famous, and we run there every year when the peach blossoms bloom. Although I ran for so many years, if I threw me on that land, I still couldn't find the direction, and it would definitely not turn out for a long time. Therefore, Anfu Taoyuan cannot be described as "Shili Peach Blossom" at all.

The teachers of the Photographic Association were also affected by the "Three Lives, Three Miles and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms" that have spread all over the mainland. This year, a costume peach show was brewing. The photographers have become addicted to shooting. , Survived the addiction. But it really should be filmed like this, otherwise the peach blossoms are really bad performance, with the peach fairy, added a beautiful color to the peach blossom.

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The main scenic spot of Taoyuan hasn't been there for a few years. This trip really surprised me a little: the mountains and the mountains are white like clouds, pink clouds, red clouds, and red roses.

The beauty of peach blossoms is natural, but the beauty of viewing peach blossoms is beautiful, and people can't bear to give up.


The Wen'an Cauliflower Festival has also been held for several times, but this year it has not continued.

But the rapeseed flowers of Wen'an have always been the subject matter of Zhijiang photographers, but it is not easy to take good pictures of Zhijiang rapeseed flowers.

The area of rapeseed flowers in Wen'an has been significantly reduced this year. It is estimated that it is half less than in previous years. The endless golden sea of flowers always seems to be lost because of a small piece of open space.

The fourth floor of an abandoned elementary school is the only high place in Wen'an that overlooks the filming. There is a winding small river pond just across the field. There are several farmhouses in the distance. The golden rapeseed field is really a beautiful pastoral picture.


In fact, there is no need to worry, even if you miss it, it is not a miss. Spring is on each piece of land. A bunch of ground rice and several new sprouts are the news of spring.

Photography: Reiko

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