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2017, "play" light makeup can be beautiful

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

That kid is so handsome 3

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Many fairies have already planned to put on beautiful makeup.

Put on a stylish dress, dress up like the most IN, and go see your favorite.

Love requires two hot hearts and a ritual.

Because i love him

Only then will he spend so much energy on him when dating.

Some fairies always think that thick makeup is solemn and beautiful.

亚洲女生的五官大多都过于柔和, But in fact, most Asian girls ’facial features are too soft.

Colorful makeup will cover up their own characteristics,

It becomes superfluous and makes the overall makeup look dirty.

Take Zhou Dongyu, for example.

Instead, it can highlight the temperament and the features of the five senses.

At the same time, it also adds a fresh charm, which is more suitable for Asian mushrooms.

The daily makeup of the goddess Lin Yuner of Smecta is always based on "natural".

The nude makeup is fresh and natural, the skin feels transparent and fair, and it is very sweet to smile.

Full of vitality, fresh and natural, no wonder the intimacy is multiplied ~

Even Jiang Shuying, known as "the best female star with big red lips,"

She is also more suitable for light makeup than heavy makeup,

Natural lip color does not make people feel too heavy, it is more daily and intimate.

Park Shin Hye, who debuted as a child star, also loves light makeup,

Natural, non-exaggerated makeup keeps her image close to the people.

Softer colors such as red bean paste create lip makeup,

It also made her look more energetic.

Although Lin Yun's appearance in "The Mermaid" has been criticized.

But outside the movie, Lin Yun's equipment won the hearts of the editors.

She has exquisite features and white tender and clear skin

I like to use natural nude makeup to highlight plump lips and three-dimensional features.

It looks more like the vitality of a 21-year-old girl.

Paired with a charming dimple, it's a bit "big S-sweet",

People are turning more and more pink.

Heavy makeup is not suitable for every fairy.

Sometimes light makeup can better highlight the advantages of his own features.

Add freshness, vitality and charm.

如何才能打造魅力满满的淡妆, So how can we create a charming light makeup,

How about being the mushroom that made him fall on Valentine's Day?

,快跟小编一起学习下吧~ Follow me , learn with Xiaobian ~

眉毛颜色淡一点,妆容更有邻家范儿 "The eyebrows are lighter in color and the makeup is more neighbouring. "

If Mushroom Cool also likes Guan Gong, like a machete,

The editor can only offer one sentence, no zuo no die!

You know, the really beautiful eyebrow color should be 1-2 degrees lighter than the hair color.

Just like Zhang Tianai, although he has always claimed to be her husband,

But after diminishing the color of the eyebrows, the temperament is more gentle,

This is a woman. The editor is drooling.

WULI Bingbing is more gentle after she transformed her natural-colored eyebrows.

This is what a woman in love looks like ~,

Natural eyebrow color will not make the eyebrow color too grab the mirror too, but also highlight the three-dimensional sense of the eyebrows.

眼妆步骤淡一点,眼神更动人! "The eye makeup steps are lighter and the eyes are more moving! "

Blind pursuit of big eyes, so false eyelashes double eyelid stickers are used,

Overwhelming eyes can only make makeup look particularly heavy!

It ’s better to lighten the eye makeup like Yang Mi,

Put on natural clear eye makeup to make your eyes look more touching.

Tang Yan who lost her beautiful pupil is also refreshed a lot, full of girly feeling, no wonder Luo Jin moved his heart ~

口红颜色淡一点,笑容更干净! "The lipstick is a bit lighter and the smile is cleaner! "

Although the big red lips show more aura, if the hold is insufficient,

Often makes you look older.

Psychological Crime Season Two

Therefore, it is recommended that mushrooms choose lipstick colors that match their temperament.

Take Gao Yuanyuan, who is full of temperament and yet gentle,

It ’s more suitable for pastel lipsticks.

But can set the temperament just right.

Having said so much, still that sentence,

Asians are more suitable for natural and fresh makeup.

The whole person will look softer.

Well, on Valentine's Day,

How can I create a light and natural look?

Why not learn the skills of Korean makeup master Pony!


First of all, to solve these problems, the most important thing is the choice of foundation.

Compared to hydrating products,

It is also recommended to choose an all-in-one foundation product with a powdery feel,

Helps improve durability and fit,

Keep your makeup in top shape throughout the day.

Apply the product with obvious powdery feel,

Apply it quickly so that it does not clump on your face.

In addition, when applying an all-in-one product,

Just apply it once, and it won't matter if you don't repeat it.

If you use powder puff to apply foundation, pay attention to methods.

To keep your wrists tense, pat lightly on your face,

Helps improve durability and fit,

At the same time it does not look too heavy, keeping the lightness of the base makeup.

2. Lip gloss

For makeup beginners, apply lip gloss first,

It is easier to refer to and determine the color of subsequent blushes and eye shadows.

When applying lip gloss, rather than covering the entire lips,

It ’s best to apply the color from the inside of the lips to the outside,

Then gently wipe it away with your hands, the effect is more natural and more beautiful.

3. Blush

When applying blusher, if multiple colors are mixed together,

After applying it with a brush, do not apply it to your face immediately.

Otherwise it will look dirty. After the brush gets the toner,

Mix gently on the back of your hand before applying it to your face.

First apply blush to the apple area of the cheek, and let the brush retract.

You can easily apply a natural blush effect.


4. Eye makeup

Since it is not a heavy makeup, only two shades of eye shadow can be used for eye makeup.

Choose an eye shadow that resembles skin tone and apply evenly on the eyelids.

Then apply eye shadow to the lying silkworm under the eyes to increase the feeling of highlights.

Remember to leave a little margin at the front and back of the eyes to help them look bigger.

Then apply the eyelashes on the pupils again to increase the effect of big eyes.

Do n’t apply eyeliner, make your eyes as clear and deep,

You can use an eyeliner to blacken the mucous membrane under the pupil to create a dreamy big eye effect.


下来涂抹眉膏,将眉刷拔出来以后, Next, apply eyebrow cream and pull out the eyebrow brush.

First scoop out the excess toner at the nozzle and adjust the amount.

Avoid toner buildup on the skin. Then put the eyebrow brush in front of your brows,

Apply with a feeling that your eyebrows are raised.

Since the base makeup and blush are both soft and powdery, they are not easy to handle.

It easily turns into a matte effect.

So, finally, apply lip gloss to the lips to add gloss to the face.

Soft and long-lasting simple makeup is done.

A few easy steps to fight off dull, simple makeup,

You can give yourself a good look full of energy throughout the day.

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