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The most anticipated lie today is that you never left

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Source: People's Front (ID: njjqrmqxb), Central Committee of the Communist Youth League (ID: gqtzy2014)

Video: Qingwei Studio, Fengming Club

April 1, 2003

he left

His fans say

There is no idol in front of the country, what should I do if Idol is more patriotic than me?

Only if I have a deeper attachment to this land can I be called your fan.



Leslie Cheung

Today in 2001

A final conversation

Freeze in the South China Sea

"Call 81192, here is 553. Our ministry was ordered to take over your cruise mission, please return!"

"81192 received, I can't return home, you move on, you move on!"



Wang Wei

▲ Video: 81192, please return! (2017 edition)

Many people remember that the Chinese superstar Leslie Cheung who can say "I am Chinese" frankly;

More people remember that there was a number called "81192" and there was a hero called Wang Wei.

On April 1, 2001, a US reconnaissance aircraft violated our airspace in the South China Sea, and our army subsequently sent two aircraft to track and intercept.

At 9:07 a.m. that day, a US plane crashed and destroyed one of our aircraft.

Pilot Wang Wei, number 81192, was sacrificed severely.

His life was fixed at 33 ...

we all know

What happened in that collision

For what

We know better

At the moment of the electric light flint

His courage

Illuminate the entire Chinese nation


Defending the territorial integrity of the country

And national dignity


"Take a step back to the sea and sky"

New year blessing song

"81192, 81192, here is the Liaoning ship

The deck has been emptied and the airspace has been emptied

Please return home immediately "

81192, your cruise mission is complete

Your team is already waiting

China's sea and air power is long ago

,辽宁号航空母舰正式服役! ★ On September 25, 2012 , the aircraft carrier Liaoning officially entered service!

,中国宣布划设东海防空识别区! ★ On November 23, 2013 , China announced the establishment of the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone!

This is a necessary measure for China to effectively exercise its right of self-defense. It does not target any specific country or target and does not affect the freedom of overflight in the relevant airspace.

,同样是中国南海,同样是美国侦察机。 ★ On August 19, 2014 , it was also the South China Sea, and it was also an American reconnaissance aircraft.

Our domestic heavy-duty fighters have begun duty, and they are close to the P-8A, making the US military startled!

,中国大力开展南沙岛礁建设! ★ In 2015 , China vigorously carried out the construction of Nansha Island Reef!

,外交部王毅部长霸气回应南海问题! ★ At the two sessions in 2016 , Minister Wang Yi of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs resolutely responded to the South China Sea issue!

He said that on the stage of the South China Sea, there had been colonial aggression and illegal occupation, and now some people are making waves and others are showing off military force. But just as the tide came and receded, none of these plots came to fruition. History will eventually prove that whoever just hurries passengers is the true master.

,中国第五代战机歼-20展翅翱翔! ★ At the Zhuhai Air Show in 2016 , China ’s fifth-generation fighter J-20 soared in wings!

Wang Wei, please rest assured

In the airspace of your country

81192 more

Will always guard this blue sea and blue sky

The hero never went away

We will not forget

We cannot forget

The motherland will remember

81192 theory of happiness


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