www.hg5a.com The function of the outer master is to help you find your inner master.

The function of the outer master is to help you find your inner master.

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If you want to follow someone, follow the one who threw you back to yourself-because the answer is in you. The function of the outer master is to help you find your inner master.

If the external master wants you to snuggle him and stay with him, if he wants you to always rely on him, then he is dangerous. Avoid him, he is not a master. Then he needs followers, and he is not a master. Through his followers, he is realizing his own self. He feels good because he has so many followers. He feels good and has nothing to do with enlightenment. He feels good and almost political, just like any politician when he is in power. When you know that you have so many disciples and so many followers, this provides a power-thousands of followers. This provides power, which is a game of power.

So remember, this is a standard of determination. If you feel that a certain master enjoys the idea of having so many disciples, and creates obstacles for you to enter into your own existence, and wants you to continue to cling to him, making you increasingly helpless , More and more dependent, more and more afraid, and creating guilt in you, continuing to say, "Only through me, your redemption is possible." Take away your freedom and destroy you-then, run away from this Man, he is the incarnation of the devil, avoid him!

Find someone, he does n’t have any needs of followers, he does n’t need a large group of people around him, he is completely satisfied with himself, even if he is alone, he is absolutely satisfied with himself. Well, he might be a great help.

But remember again, the answer is not anywhere else, the answer is in you. The kingdom of God is in you, and you already have the answer in you. Maybe you have n’t seen it, read it, maybe you do n’t know how to interpret it, maybe you have lost the key to your own innermost. Someone may help. A person who has reached him can show you the path.

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