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"Double repair" is a new concept

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The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently issued the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening Ecological Restoration City Repair Work". Although it is a draft for comments, the new thinking shown in the document has guiding significance. Because compared with the "sponge, black smell, big pipe gallery" project call, this document is really "an important symbol of urban transformation and development."

The so-called "double repair", the first repair is ecological restoration, repairing the damaged natural environment and terrain in the city, and improving the quality of the ecological environment; Spatial environment and landscape features enhance urban characteristics and vitality. This "double repair" is a general policy put forward around urban construction and development. It requires three efforts: "Pay attention to treating urban diseases, pay close attention to the shortcomings of the city, and push forward ecological construction"; require three breakthrough points, "focus on improving the city Function, focus on improving the quality of the environment, and focus on shaping the characteristics of the style "; to achieve a goal," strive to build a harmonious and livable, vibrant and modern city with unique characteristics. "

Because the document specifically puts forward "people-oriented and effective advancement. Adhere to the people-centered development concept, with the purpose of increasing people's well-being, focus on the repair and restoration of problem concentration, social attention, and ecologically sensitive areas and lots." In particular, build a sponge city demonstration area in the suburbs to obtain subsidies; build a large pipe corridor that exceeds the drainage guarantee rate multiple times with a city to win national investment; the phenomenon of superimposing construction projects with Daxing civil engineering to treat black and odorous water is obviously not a problem. idea.

The document requires that the basic work be carried out well. First, conduct surveys and evaluations, and "recognize outstanding problems in the ecological environment and areas that need to be repaired urgently." Second, strengthen planning guidance and require "determining the overall spatial pattern and ecological protection and construction requirements." If these two requirements are really implemented, the special plans for urban underground pipelines, green space systems, water systems, and sponge cities will have a top-level design, and this special plan for ecological restoration should be completed before the special plan. It is not too late to fix the dead sheep. Special plans for ecological restoration in various cities should be seen as soon as possible.

There are also traces in the document that do not resolutely implement the "dual repair" concept. For example, in vigorously improving the ecological environment, in the implementation of water treatment and restoration, it is proposed that "full implementation of source control and interception, strengthening of system management of drainage outlets, interception pipes and inspection wells, Carry out dredging of water bodies. Construct a virtuous circulation urban water system. " It is questionable to include the development of water desilting as part of the virtuous cycle of the urban water system, because it will promote the wind dredging blindly. Three surveys must be conducted before judging whether desilting should be done. First, highlighting urban development History, investigating the evolution of urban water systems; second, highlighting urban ecological protection, investigating how to reduce environmental disturbances in urban built-up areas; third, investigating and demonstrating the relationship between dredging and improving water quality and increasing water capacity; The survey conclusions are coordinated with the objective of "systemically carrying out ecological restoration of rivers, lakes, wetlands and other water bodies" put forward in the document, so that it is possible to have a correct dredging project decision.

The last dinosaur

The document proposes "appropriate construction of sponge green spaces such as wetland parks and rainwater gardens according to local conditions", "speed up the reconstruction of old pipe networks, and actively construct comprehensive pipe corridors", "stop large-scale demolition and construction, protect urban texture and characteristic buildings," etc., all reflect " The measures of the "double repair" concept, these specific measures and the upper and lower level planning coordination are the breakthrough points for the "double repair" planning to play its role. It should solve the coordination problems with the sponge city planning and the underground pipe corridor planning in the construction system, and the construction system. External economic and social development and the coordination of land use planning have made this newly proposed "double repair" plan play a role in bringing the old into the new.

Because the "double repair" concept is based on urban development, "harmonious and livable", focusing on "adjusting to local conditions and advancing in an orderly manner", highlighting "people-oriented and effective advancement", emphasizing "protection first, scientific advancement", and truly combining ecological restoration with urban repair , Is a good idea of grounding, and I look forward to realizing the role of commanding the old with the new.


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