m.hg1088.com [Mr. Xiangxiang-Mr. Cao Guodong-Mr. Xu Man-Mr. Li Yaopeng] The Suzhou University Class was officially launched

[Mr. Xiangxiang-Mr. Cao Guodong-Mr. Xu Man-Mr. Li Yaopeng] The Suzhou University Class was officially launched

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Little Mortal Cultivation of Immortals

Calling out all the time

Someone consults me every day,

When does Xiangxiang's class start?

Is there a schedule for classes recently?

Live up to expectations

Teacher Xiangxiang's big lecture is finally about to start


Two highlights of the course

(1) International Beauty Makes Your Pulse

Chinese Makeup Master-Teacher Xu Man

Fishbone nudge-Teacher Cao Guodong

Master of Asian Makeup Art-Teacher Xiangxiang

(Two) introduction of tattoo marketing & eyelash projects

Tutor Li Yaopeng, who teaches you marketing management

To help you introduce new projects to the Eyelash Master ...

Acknowledgement Organizer: [Suzhou Luomen]

Class time: May 2-May 25

Address: Suzhou

Appreciation of Teacher Xiangxiang's Works

Sword Spirit Installation Tutorial

Your beauty my pursuit

Xiangxiang Styling Makeup School

make up







Xiangxiang styling training
Charm micro classroom

[ School name ] : Xiangxiang modeling makeup school [Training project]: Makeup. Makeup training. Korean semi-permanent. Beautiful teeth. International micro-adjustment [Starting time]: Regular classes, please feel free to come to school for consultation [Teaching mode]: Small class teaching, hand-in-hand guidance [Open class]: Full-day class, weekend class, short-term class Modeling and makeup school graduation certificate, and can assist students to obtain the national certification of professional makeup artist qualifications [School commitment]: package learning, life-long system, all students (including graduated students), free lifelong repairs, and have the opportunity to participate overseas Study tour and various large makeup competitions

[School Address]: 4F, Maishanlong Building, No. 168 Yuxin Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

[Course Consulting WeChat] 15062320565 [Official Website]: http://www.xiangxiangzaoxing.com.cn

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