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[Today's headlines] Down syndrome, how much do you know?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Pride Supreme

Baby is a continuation of love and a hope for the future

When each family welcomes the baby

Are full of anticipation and joy.

But sometimes fate always goes against desire

Just like the birth of Tang's baby

Will always turn into an endless nightmare for some families

in fact

Life is full of imagination because of difference

Life is infinite because of imagination

On this special day

Let's use special love

Warm special


Photographer lee

For patients with Down syndrome from 6 months to 60 years

Took a series of portraits

From their smile

别样的美丽 Feel the beauty of life


What is Down syndrome (DS)?

That is, trisomy 21, also known as congenital stupidity or Down syndrome, is a disease caused by an extra chromosome 21. Although it is a genetic disease, the parents of most children with Down's are normal. The main clinical manifestations of Down syndrome are mental retardation, special facial features, growth and development disorders, and multiple malformations.  


Which people are prone to have Tang children?

Modern Angel reminds that the following types of couples are high-incidence groups:

  • Before and after pregnancy, pregnant women have a history of viral infections, such as flu, rubella, etc.

  • Chromosomal abnormalities of one spouse during conception

  • Older couple

  • Before and after pregnancy, pregnant women take teratogenic drugs

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  • Spouses work for long periods under radioactive screens or in polluted environments

  • Pregnant women with a history of habitual abortion, premature birth or stillbirth

  • Long-term pet owners


How to avoid Tang's birth?

At the current birth rate, an average of one Tang child is born every 20 minutes in China. 预防 At present, there is no effective treatment, and the best method is prevention .

Many parents, when faced with hereditary diseases, have a fluke. They feel that the disease is "far away from me", "our family is healthy, the child is surely OK", "too expensive test, no need to do, There will be no major events anyway "... As everyone knows, it is precisely because of such fluke that it creates a space for misfortune and tragedy.

As a parent, you should learn more about pregnancy, scientific birth, and improve your understanding of genetic diseases and birth defects.At present, there are roughly two methods for screening Down syndrome, Down screening and non-invasive DNA prenatal testing .

Down Screening at Modern Maternity Hospital

Down's screening is to measure the baby's risk of Down's syndrome by taking the peripheral blood of pregnant women, detecting relevant biochemical indicators, and combining ultrasound NT measurement. Down's screening includes screening during early pregnancy, screening during second trimester, and integrated screening during early pregnancy. The detection rate of one-stop early pregnancy screening and early-mid-pregnancy integrated screening is higher. The detection rate of one-stop early-pregnancy screening is between 85% and 90%. 90% -95%. The early Down's screening time was between 11-13 weeks of pregnancy + 6 days, and the intermediate Down's screening time was between 15-20 weeks + 6 days.

Modern obstetric prenatal non-invasive DNA prenatal testing

Advantage 1: Non-invasive sampling, less pain

Non-invasive DNA prenatal testing only requires 5ml of pregnant women's peripheral venous blood to extract free DNA, which is safer.

Advantage 2: low risk and high accuracy

,同时可避免因误诊等原因造成孕妇流产,能极大的提升健康婴儿的出生比例,建议条件允许都做无创DNA产前检查,5ml血即可准确筛查新生儿最常见的染色体疾病。 The accuracy rate of non-invasive DNA prenatal screening for the three major chromosome syndromes can reach more than 99% . At the same time, it can avoid miscarriage of pregnant women due to misdiagnosis and other reasons, which can greatly increase the birth rate of healthy babies. It is recommended that conditions allow non-invasive DNA products Before the examination, 5ml of blood can accurately screen the most common chromosomal diseases of newborns.

Advantage 3: safe and reliable, no burden

Amniotic fluid puncture is one of the effective methods for prenatal diagnosis, but it is a invasive test. Some pregnant mothers will be nervous and cause greater mental stress. 能够更准确的将高风险人群筛查出来,大大降低假阴性率的出现。 Non-invasive DNA can more accurately screen out high-risk groups and greatly reduce the occurrence of false negatives.

Note: The best test time is 12 ~ 26 weeks of pregnancy

Controlling birth defects, we are always on the move!  


Modern angel

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