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The clock is ticking

The green willow slowly withered, the thick trunk slowly covered with wormholes, and people's footsteps slowly became heavy. Gradually, time is passing ...

From spring to summer, from summer to autumn, from autumn to winter, from winter to the new year. During this time, many people are inactive and spending their time.

Some people only care about leisure and entertainment when it's time to work. It's almost time to book the "delivery" time, he suddenly wakes up, knowing that time is running out, he "strokes the books" and hurries hard .

Some students, who don't listen well during class, spend precious time on things like small movements, peeking out of class books, doodle drawings and the like. Some are so bold, they actually bring game consoles, mobile phones and the like to school to play. This is not only a manifestation of "picking up sesame seeds but losing watermelons", but also a manifestation of idle time! They should understand that time is passing!

There are others who are even more hateful. They regard time as the most useless thing, but they see their momentary happiness as an incomparable priceless treasure! They should know that a moment of happiness does not mean that they will be happy all their lives. Time is the most precious thing. What can a person do when his life clock ticks? Therefore, in our limited time, we should do more truly meaningful things.


People, there is only one clock of life. When it reaches the end, it also represents the end of one's life. So, I would like to tell all people here: Time is passing, don't waste time!

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