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Interpretation of the 2017 roadmap for vocational and continuing education

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"You can add a" zero "after the market number, but the talent can't keep up. It's anxious. We only have more than 1,000 people in the smart manufacturing industry." Faced with the head of the vocational education system from across the country, Suzhou Gao Yugen, chairman of Shengli Precision Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd., presented his own problems.

From March 21st to 22nd, the 2017 National Vocational Education and Continuing Education Working Conference was held in Suzhou, Jiangsu. One of the special arrangements is to bring the participants to the enterprise to visit and exchange before the meeting. Close cooperation with enterprises has become the "two way" for the development of vocational education. The whole process of the meeting has also become a process for deputies to find answers and build consensus. Because the problem that Gao Yugen is facing is not just a problem for one or two companies, but a problem that the state has raised for vocational education in the course of industrial upgrading and social development.

Consensus one

Consider vocational education from three aspects: economy, people's livelihood, and education

"From the perspective of the country, to grasp vocational education from three aspects of economy, people's livelihood and education" is one of the consensus reached at this conference.

From an economic perspective, major national strategies and tasks, such as building a strong manufacturing country, the “Belt and Road” and international capacity cooperation, urgently require the strong support of vocational education. In this regard, the exploration of vocational education in various places has begun.

Ge Daokai, secretary of the Party Group of the Education Department of Jiangsu Province, introduced that in 2016, Jiangsu vocational colleges added 42 majors that are connected with emerging industries such as intelligent manufacturing and modern service industries. At present, the province has established 29 vocational education groups above the provincial level. Vocational colleges also plan, develop, and develop simultaneously with industrial parks. Promote in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises and innovate the "teaching factory" model.

Lu Jingquan, deputy director of the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission, said that Tianjin has established a “Luban Workshop” to serve the “Belt and Road” strategy and international cooperation in production capacity. At present, it has set up locations in Thailand, Indonesia, India, the United Kingdom and other places.

From the perspective of people's livelihood, in the process of building a well-off society in an all-round way, China is facing the heavy task of poverty alleviation and urgently needs vocational education to take an active role.

"The more impoverished areas are, the more we must vigorously develop vocational education. This year, Guangxi will implement all-round vocational education to help the poor," said Huang Xiongbiao, deputy director of Guangxi Education Department. He Xiuqian, deputy inspector of the Guizhou Education Department suggested: "Poverty alleviation is not only about giving money, but also giving policy support in terms of enrollment, training and employment."

At the national level, in terms of serving poverty alleviation in 2017, the “13th Five-Year Plan” of education for poverty alleviation, the east-west cooperation action plan for vocational education, the “ten million” action for adult and adult education, and the promotion of vocational education counterparts in southern Xinjiang will be promoted Full coverage, promote all junior high school graduates in South Xinjiang to receive high school education or vocational education training, and promote the "9 + 3" free vocational education model in Sichuan.

In addition, from the perspective of education itself, China has clearly put forward the goal of realizing education modernization, and the "Modernization of Education 2030" plan is being formulated. These new situations and tasks also urge the accelerated development of vocational education and continuing education.

Consensus two

Steady direction, steady goals, stable positions

"Enhancing morale" and "firm confidence" were the most concentrated evaluations of participants at this conference. Under the development thinking of welcoming the party ’s 19th National Congress and “striving for stability while advancing”, the conference positioned 2017 vocational education work as “three stability and three advances”. Among them, the interpretation of "stable" is "stable direction, stable goals, stable positions".

"Adhere to the general policy of attaching great importance to and accelerating development, and firmly grasp the direction of school development for service development and employment promotion." "Accelerate the construction of a modern vocational education system, strengthen secondary vocational education, vocational high vocational education, large training, and professional enlightenment. "" Promote the reform of the examination admissions system, and build a more open and smooth talent growth 'overpass'. "" Keep the size of vocational and general admissions roughly the same, firmly implement secondary vocational education, and attach great importance to training. "... The information passed from the meeting It caused a strong response among the participants.

"I have the bottom of my heart." Huang Xiongbiao said, "The top-level design of vocational education has been relatively perfect. Now our goal has not changed, and we are still advancing according to the original design."

"Vocational education is not only an education issue, but also a social issue." Zhu Xinjie, deputy director of the Zhejiang Education Department, agreed with the words of Li Xiaohong, a member of the party group and deputy minister of the Ministry of Education. "The" hard "national situation is that compared with developed countries, we are still in In the initial stage of socialism, industrial development is uneven and industrial transformation is not enough. The gap in industrial support for vocational education should be acknowledged. The 'soft' national situation is that the status of vocational education is not high, and the emphasis on general education and light vocational education is common. "

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"The more such times, the more we must step up our vocational education. Don't be arrogant, and don't be arrogant." Wang Jiping, director of the Vocational Education and Adult Education Department of the Ministry of Education, emphasized, "Vocational education must go the right way, don't go around the wrong way. , Copy approach. "

Attendees around the meeting put forward suggestions for vocational education and continuing education steadily around different angles such as increasing investment, strengthening legislation, policy supply, and theoretical support.

Consensus III

Service advancement, connotation advancement, team advancement

According to the spirit of the conference, the goal of vocational education in 2017 is to "three advances"-to advance services, closely follow the supply-side structural reforms, and serve the implementation of major national development strategies; Efforts should be made to carry out some reform and exploration with demonstration and leading roles; the team should advance, open the two-way flow of personnel between schools and enterprises, improve the vocational college employment mechanism and teacher training and training system, and build a high-level "double teacher" teacher team.

Blacksmith need its own hardware. These three "increases" all point to tasks of improving quality, increasing the influence and attractiveness of vocational and continuing education.

Guo Jianguo, deputy inspector of the Hunan Provincial Department of Education, said that Hunan Province has taken vocational colleges and universities as a category and included them in the "double first-class" construction, and plans to create a group of first-class professional groups.

Zhu Xinjie introduced that during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, Zhejiang Province proposed that vocational education "all-roundly improve the level of school running and comprehensively improve the quality of personnel training", and launched prestigious schools, teachers, and professional projects in the field of vocational education to make vocational education fragrant and bright.

Hu Zhenmin, deputy inspector of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, said that in order to better promote the development of vocational education, the Provincial Department of Education carried out internal adjustments, merged the vocational education and lifelong education divisions that had previously been separately managed. At the same time, external cooperation with the Human Resources and Social Affairs Department and other departments will create a better atmosphere and open up more space for the development of vocational education.

"The direction is clear and the line is clear. I will talk about how to implement it." Wang Jiping summarized the "five continuums" of vocational education and continuing education—continuously strengthening party building and moral education, continuing to strengthen standardized management, continuing to strengthen the construction of teachers, Continue to strengthen education and teaching reforms, continue to strengthen condition guarantees and system construction.

"Vocational education and continuing education should be open and dance together. Externally work with industry, enterprises, society and other government departments, internally with basic education and higher education, and do a good job this year." Wang Jiping concluded. .

(Source: China Education Daily)

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