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Which children's piano skills are strong? Hee Hee in the video of Lele, Wang Feng is crazy

Public number : Mingyang Qinxing Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:34:25

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On November 9th, Wang Feng's eldest daughter, Little Apple, showed a video of playing a piano on a platform and answered questions from netizens. Some netizens asked on Xixi ’s homepage: “Heexi, do you think your dad is fierce?” Heexi ’s soft voice answered, “My dad is not fierce at all, although you see him like that on the show , But he was gentle to me, not fierce at all. "

In this two-minute video, Hee Hee is very skilled in playing Chopin's famous songs, and shares my feelings with you: Although it is very stressful, it is much easier than the exam. I hope everyone will support it.

Huang Jiaqian showed a video of playing the piano in the summer and posted the text: "This beginner, the piano road is not easy! Let's make it clear! I didn't force you! It was your choice! You have to take responsibility for it yourself When my father Xia Keli saw the video of summer piano, he immediately reposted the video and left a message: "I filmed a new show in Changsha, my wife taught summer to play piano in Taipei, and I like to learn piano in summer." In the comments, cheer for the summer, and praise the mother Huang Jiaqian will educate the child: "Mom is so patient!" "The daughter is beautiful, the mother is beautiful, the tutor is so good, envy your family!"

In the video, while practicing "raising her fingers" in the video, she sang along with the piano: "哆! 哆! 哆! 哆!" Mom Huang Jiaqian was patiently teaching. The praise of summer is not bad, and has been encouraging the summer. After the piano practice, under the guidance of her mother, she also cleverly covered the piano cover in the summer. Huang Jiaqian's patient education method has been praised by netizens.

小学北门西行30米。 Experimental store address: 30 meters west of the north gate of Experimental Primary School of Dongguang County .

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Century Store Address: Dongguang County Century Primary School is 30 meters east.

Phone: 13102417111 13831728523 5531010

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