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So far, I still remember the moment when I walked out of the college entrance examination room, there was enthusiasm, excitement, and a touch of relaxation. That was my most precious memory.

For students majoring in accounting at vocational colleges, we can't go out of the province, we can only stay in this province, and the best accounting school in Hunan is the financial school. The head teacher keeps saying in our ears: "It is best to be admitted to the Academy of Finance. Schools other than the Academy of Finance are not very good." Maybe it is the trust of the teacher. I have always been studying hard just to be admitted to the Academy of Finance. Complete the college dream of your parents and yourself.

Maybe it was because we were too stressed. The self-study teacher told us to take a walk on the playground the night before the exam. I still remember standing on the playground waiting for Dad's call, and wanted to get his encouragement. Sure enough, my dad called and didn't say like other parents to take a good exam. My dad just told me to bring my admission ticket and pen bag for the exam. There wasn't much talk between us originally, and after a few words, we hung up. When I hung up the phone, I cried. I couldn't help it, and the tears kept flowing. For me at the time, my dad's call was an encouragement to me, and the face that my mom and dad looked forward to came to my mind, uncle and aunt Encouraging my eyes makes me instantly feel stressed. I remember the teacher said that shouting in a place where there is no one can relieve yourself of stress. I really shouted that day. At the time, there were only our classmates on the playground. After shouting out, my heart was a lot smoother.

Entering the examination room did not have the scary tension we heard before. Of course, nervousness is tense, mainly due to your own mentality. Taking a deep breath, I began to write the test paper in front of me, which was funny. At that time, I was a bit like a soldier holding the idea of seeing death as death, but it was my own life that I didn't pass the test.

After the exam, we didn't throw books and yell like we did on TV. We just quietly packed our desks and waited for our parents to pick us up. The head teacher sat at the podium and issued our graduation photo. Suddenly, five words appeared in my head: we have graduated! As the monitor, I felt that our class might just be scattered like this, and we will never see it again, especially when we look at the teacher sitting at the podium. Although our class teacher is usually a little hesitant and a little bit suspicious, likes to hit people, and likes to joke with us, we still respect him very much. I left with a few classmates at the end. We jokingly said, "Old class, why are you still sitting here, wouldn't you be reluctant to us?" At that time, the class teacher just laughed and said nothing, we said goodbye and left. We went to school for three years.

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On the day the college entrance examination results came out, we all drank at classmates' homes. When we checked our results, there were cries and laughter of joy. At that time, I also cried. It was not that I didn't take the exam well, but that it exceeded my expectation and cried with excitement. I immediately told my parents about my grades, and my parents were very happy. I think I should be able to fulfill the college dream of our family.

As college students, we should maintain a hard work. We must know that we can only gain something if we pay.

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