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Mr. Ma from Beijing was invited by Fuzhou Han Han to visit Fujian, and he would finally come to Xiamen for a few days. The first few weeks after we received the news, we were so happy. Xiamen has a rare heavyweight figure to guide. When the teacher comes, we must ask for advice.

月27日,马老师和师母在韩师兄的陪同下抵厦,我们晚上就聚在一起吃了个饭。 On March 27, Teacher Ma and Master arrived in Xiamen with Brother Han, and we had a meal together in the evening. When I met, I couldn't tell that Mr. Ma was already 70 years old. He was amiable, very talkative, and his voice was very loud. At the dinner table, Mr. Ma worked hard for the trip, so he set up a small stove for us and gave us a pointer. For the first time, I appeared in front of the teacher. I could n’t help but feel nervous, all of which floated on top of me. I was panting after practicing the five momentums. It was a shame. Exchange thoughts with us, think about how shameful I am ... After eating and eating for a few hours, in fact everyone was immersed in the boxing skills taught by Mr. Ma, and did not use chopsticks at all.

On the second day, Teacher Ma and her mother went to Gulangyu for a day. It is expected that on the third day, Xiamen University will guide us to practice boxing.

In the afternoon of the third day, Teacher Ma and Master came to Xiamen University. I originally wanted to explain to the teacher more about Xiamen University's landscape so as to make friends of the landlords, but we talked about the punches, so all horses were on the way. The teacher was pointing me, and I didn't appreciate the scenery at all. If so, it might as well be a place to sit and talk! So we found a cafe and sat down. Teacher Ma was happy to mention me. I also felt very attached to him and felt that I had benefited a lot.

  Unconsciously, it was four o'clock, and we gathered together at the winding court, pulled the shelf halfway, and let Teacher Ma correct his mistake. Mr. Ma pointed out our common weakness: use the body to practice boxing, not the Qi. The teacher explained to us in detail, it was like drinking with a bang, giggling, breaking the layer of window paper blocking us, making our boxing direction clearer.

I am really grateful to Teacher Ma. I am grateful to Mei Quan for having so many candid and unreserved disciples! Really a blessing for disciples in the world!

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Attachment of Teacher Ma to Xiamen: Simplified version (Liu Hongyi summary):                             

、呼吸,绵绵若存,气沉丹田,只论升降,不论呼吸。 1. Breathing, if there is any, the air will sink Dan Tian, only lifting, regardless of breathing. Qi is not the flow of air, but the flow of energy.

2. Practice the shelf and pay attention to the relationship between Dan Tian and the limbs. It is Dan Tian who drives the limbs rather than the limbs that drives Dan Tian, otherwise it will cause stiffness, hard work and no effort. Practicing exercises is a process of enjoyment and should be easy and enjoyable.

3. Pay attention to the center of gravity, the center and the perception of air resistance during boxing. The center of gravity is Dantian. Each action can sense the position of the center of gravity. The center is the central axis of the movement. This is most obvious in tying the head. The center cannot be scattered. It must be concentrated to afford endless royal control in the ring. Only those who can get the ring in the attack can grasp the chance of winning. Air resistance, that is, to sense the position of your hands, you should be able to sense where your arms are even if you can't see them.

4. Five potentials and five shapes. The general trend is in the shape of a tiger. The center of gravity is thirty-seven points, and the hind legs are charged. Like a tiger, it is ready to fight at any time. The homeopath is a snake, both hands must be in a straight line, as pervasive as a spirit snake. The stance is a dragon, and the shoulders move together and move westward. The leaning and pacing are amazing. The front and back feet are in a straight line, with the hands and the three pointed heads. Minor monkeys, such as macaques climbing branches. The defeat was a horse, and looked back like a whip.

5. Plum blossom boxing exercises shape the spirit and the spirit, pursues the harmonious spirit, and meets the true shape completely. Pay attention to forgetfulness and get rid of distractions. He is full of consciousness, unconsciousness, and anxiety. He is restless, God is not spirit, and God is not spirit.

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