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I don't look good, why can I make you look good on you?

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Looking back, the baby who was 4 months pregnant at the time was so good in skin. I remembered that every Friday night when the male hit was hot, the editor would always wait in front of the TV to indulge (forgive me for a superficial variety dog). In fact, in addition to the new little fresh meat stag, the female baby also firmly attracted the attention of Xiaobian, because, the value! Few female stars dare to show off in a variety show with such a high rating. The key is so beautiful!


In "Descendants of the Sun", it is true that apart from the national Oba Song Zhongji, every time I see Qiao Mei's face, she is inferior:

How can the skin be so good, and how can it grow more and more inverse, oh oh!

There is little S.

She is also an actress who likes to post beautiful photos on Weibo. Every time she posts a photo, many people are shouting:

Why is your skin so good! The plain skin is so beautiful!


Coincidentally, there is also a beautiful beauty W in the office, sitting next to the editor.

W never paints heavy makeup, no flaws can be seen on the white skin, and a faint skin texture can be seen. The eyebrows are curved and the eyes are bright. There is no trace of makeup, but it is delicate and beautiful.

I always feel that this can withstand the test of beauty, is really a beauty.

But on a business trip, W broke my soap bubble.

That night, we worked very late. In order to save time, I started to remove makeup while sitting in the car. When I saw the girl who was looking at the laptop after removing makeup, I almost couldn't recognize it.

Thick black-rimmed glasses, fluffy hair, and an inadvertent but shiny acne on his forehead. Is this the beauty that we see every day?

After knowing Xiaobian's thoughts, W couldn't laugh straight. "How can there be a real beauty, don't be so exaggerated. How many real people can have good skin? You haven't seen me up close, in fact, I have makeup of."

It turned out that although she did not use foundation to make up, BB cream is essential to cover up blemishes and brighten skin tone, but she looks so natural.

I used to think that the real goddess said that Su Yan would not be really Su Yan, and I always felt that they had some "unspeakable secrets". Now I finally know that they used Su Yan "artifacts".

Now it is a world that looks at the value of the face. In fact, what people see is not that you are not plain, but that I hope you look beautiful!

So don't think that plain face is completely without makeup, in fact, a "pseudo plain face", so that others can not see that you put on makeup is the point!

In this age of looking at the face, for the lazy cancerous mushroom mother who is not high in value, still do not use plain face as an excuse for laziness.


In this way, W recommended a unisex BB cream for me, saying that I successfully rely on this BB cream to successfully deepen the fake face.

I usually work overtime to stay up late to write a plan, and the second weather has a color difference, and I have to have a meeting. This plain BB is like a lotion, and I can wipe away the tiredness, and instantly restore the white and translucent good looks, which is very convenient. "This is a waterproof, sweat-proof, and no makeup BB", so I found this product from her makeup bag, the legendary- lying BB


The first thing that attracted me was actually how to use it, "shake before using it. " It is a new type of BB that was created by combining essence with gouache. The essence is lighter than gouache. Before use, it must be shaken well to perfectly combine the essence with gouache and make the "plain" water tender and flawless.

After shaking, the texture of the extruded BB is completely different from that of traditional products. The original jelly-like BB becomes yoghurt. Apply an appropriate amount on the back of the hand and gently push it away with your fingers. The touch is very delicate and moist, light and thin. It was so hard to feel her presence.

It turned out that the baby really lied, but the lie was so deep-hearted.

The cure for lazy cancer girls

Later, I discovered that for me, a lazy cancer mushroom girl who doesn't wear makeup and sleeps, this BB cream brings me a lot of surprises.

As a senior lazy cancer patient, he has always insisted on being plain, but he is still blocked by the trilogy of makeup, makeup and makeup removal. (How can I hear a group of cruel sounds?)

"Lying" BB must have been a bullshit in his life, I'm sure. You see how she stepped into your lazy cancer step by step.

You said getting up early is too much work?

OK, it's called "makeup in seconds" and it will make you lie in bed for ten minutes. They said, you can just spread it like Dabao, the powder is very fine, and it won't jam if you apply it directly.

You said that it ’s too much trouble to make up during the day?

The goods said that they walked the rivers and lakes by "persistent makeup," and also developed the "9 to 9" skills to comprehensively fight against the four major destructive kings of sweat, oil, humidity, and high temperature. "Don't take off makeup under the tap!"

You said that picking BB is too much trouble?

It is even more amazing, claiming that a BB is suitable for any skin tone. Its unique intelligent spectrum system fuses snow crystal particles and instantly melts into the skin (it can adjust the skin color and gloss according to individual skin tone), so it is suitable for any skin tone!

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Skin problems are beyond the scope of this guy's consideration! Because it is pure plant, pregnant women can also use it with confidence!

"Lying" BB is an oil-free formula. Does not contain lead and mercury, hormones, phosphors, mineral oil, animal oil and other sensitive ingredients. So, this fancy guy claims to be able to embrace any skin type.

I heard that this BB has made a strong landing in Times Square, New York, USA last year. It is also the designated base makeup for Hunan TV ’s hit series "The Wife's Lie." , So it has been sold very hot last year.

Zhang Ailing said: No woman is loved because her soul is beautiful.

It's also important to put on a light makeup and decorate your face beautifully. This is not only to please yourself, but also to respect others.


In this way, this cargo captured all the girls in the office, no, and a male friend. Do n’t misunderstand. Although he is a friend of women, he has n’t reached the point of applying makeup to himself. The big brother said that her girlfriend is also a lazy cancer patient. Every date is always face-to-face. He wants to give himself some scenery and secretly. I bought it in my girlfriend's bag as a surprise ~

So, where can I buy such a good shake BB?

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Welfare II

After scanning the code and adding the owner ’s friends,

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Order customer to deliver BB experience pack, please use experience pack first

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出示了其代理公司禁止某宝销售的声明,所以,请扫描二维码添加店主从正规渠道购买。 Tips: Because shaking BB is very hot and easy to use, a treasure has appeared in counterfeit. For this purpose, the owner intentionally read out the statement that his agency prohibits the sale of certain treasure. .

Technical post:

How to pick a safe BB cream

Warm Tips:

How to choose a safe BB cream?

Take a glass, pour half a cup of pure water, then squeeze a little BB cream into the glass, stir it with chopsticks, and observe the water quality change.

1. What sticks to the cup is animal oil;

2. Floating on the water is mineral oil;

3. The heavy metal, lead, mercury, etc. are sunk on the bottom of the cup;

A good BB cream can dissolve in water after being stirred. Insoluble BB cream can easily clog pores.

而且 绝对不卡粉 (Ps: Because this BB has excellent water solubility, there will be no dryness and graininess of other BB creams after application. The skin tone will be brightened naturally, and it will absolutely not jam. )

Jingyi said

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Yes, this is an advertisement.

I refused this ad at first. But this sister really sent me samples. I repeatedly emphasized that you must send me the same as the fans.

I used this BB for half a month. From the beginning, I didn't believe it, but later I was surprised. I couldn't live without it. I use it every day. It is really easy to use, words of conscience. Not expensive, I am still using it this morning, I can really buy one and try it!

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